Saturday, August 27, 2005

What did I do today?

I don't really know. I wanted to go and get some yarn for the stole I am making for my sister.
Not the same color, different, to make some flowers on the edges. I saw many shades of the Symphony yarn, but all of a sudden lost interest. I decided to make the flowers with the same color as the stole. Then I started looking for Bernat's Satin yarn, but couldn't see it anywhere. I realized that there was an other aisle full of yarns, what a relief. I was at Zellers, btw. Oh, now I could see the Bernat's Satin, but the colors didn't do a thing for me. I almost gave up by now. I just was NOT in the mood for yarn. As if this ever happens, yes it does, trust me.

I had talked to my DIL yesterday of the Christmas gift for her. I had asked if she was seriously wanting a PONCHO for Christmas, and she said yes. I was going to make a shawl for her. then, not wanting to make just anything I asked what color she wanted, and after a few minutes she came up with rasberry red.

I found RH TLC Amore in Red Velvet, and decided that all rasberries should be that color. I bought four skeins. 170 g each. I am sure I have enough, if not, then I am out of luck, because that was all they had, and I don't feel like running around looking for more. The yarn is very similar to RH Plush, not as thick, maybe, but very similar. This is going to be one nice red poncho. Yup.

I crocheted quite a bit of my sister's stole in the car, when we were driving around, trying to figure out where we wanted to go. I was happy, I had the yarn, so I didn't need to go anywhere else. We ended up at Loblaws, which is a grocery store. Then came home.

I had a three hour nap, and hope that I can sleep tonight when I am supposed to sleep.

that's all for now.

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