Sunday, February 26, 2006

Knitting Olympics Challenge done

Here is the finished Knitting Olympics Challenge

Felted Laptop bag.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Another restless evening

I would love to sit on that mini couch with my gd.

The Knitting Olympics project washed onece. I doesn't look felted yet.

Coffee Anyone?

You are a Black Coffee
At your best, you are: low maintenance, friendly, and adaptable
At your worst, you are: cheap and angsty
You drink coffee when: you can get your hands on it
Your caffeine addiction level: high

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Knitting Olympics project update

Coming along nicely. I have to finish the yarn ends, figure out how I am going to carry it. Then I need to felt the thing.

Here is the front and the back, and the back and the front.

Haven't decided yet. It all depends on the carrying method. The bag looks funny, doesn't it.

Continuing saga on Clapotis and other stuff

I decided to make my Clapotis longer than it is now (41"). I am using thinner yarn than the pattern calls. Too bad. I just have to make more rows. I really like my Clapotis.

Last night was not very productive. I made a few paisleys, knitted a few rows, watched Ice Dancing, and that's about it. It was a LAZY night.

Today is a different story. My two tote bags (yes, two) are full of projects, again. I have the Clapotis, I have my Olympic Knitting project, and yarn for a new project (stop shaking your head), plus paisleys and thread for new paisleys.

Guess what, I have no idea how I can work on all those at my lunch time, when I have to eat and play cards with others. I drive them nuts, when I knit or crochet while we play. But, they never have to wait for me, because of my other interest. One person said I was being rude knitting and crocheting while we play. Ok, so I am rude, deal the damn cards, will ya.

The picture, in the corner is showing another new project. It's going to be (hahah) a dragonfly, done in cro-tat technique. I am stuck at that point, and waiting for the designer Ferosa to tell me how to do the other Celtic Knot on this one. I truly am stuck. Man, can you believe it?

I'm sorry, nobody irritated me this morning on the road, so no whining about other drivers available for today.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Paisleys in my mind

I did nothing else yesterday, just paisleys.

I have not done one stitch for my Clapotis since Thursday. I am really scared that it's going to be one of my PWIPs, as in UFO. I have it with me today, and perhaps will make a few rows at
lunch. I also have my Knitting Olympics project with me. I must decide which is most important.

The thread for paisleys, though, looks very inviting. How can I decide which WIP is going to
be my lunch hour companion?

Here are some paisleys I made yesterday. Oh, some of them I made before yesterday.
I just remembered that I want to make a sweater for my trip to Montreal. I don't have the yarn with me, but I have turquoise thread with me, I can make a turquoise paisley for the sweater. It's so good to have inspiration from simple yarn or thread.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

While I was knitting

my Clapotis, the rows just kept appearing and here we are, finished the straight row, I think, unless I make one more set of 12 rows.

Freezing rain, snow, it's winter

Some pictures from this morning:
First is from my window to the street side,
middle one is a bush beside the side door, and the third one is my morning traffic view.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Clappy is growing

Now that I have the link-thingy out of the way, I can come back to my normal life.
That is telling you about my Clapotis scarf development. I have dropped 8 stitches already.

I have also been working (read: bringing my stuff to work) for the Knitting Olympics project.

I think I have a moment of brain cramp right now, so I just post a picture of my scarf and continue on my job work.

Testing my skills

this is strictly testing, so bear (hug) with me.

Sherri was kind enough to tell me what to do

and I never expected it to be this easy.

thanks Sherri!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Magic Ball project

I was looking for some yarn in the mess room (I call it a mess room, because it's in such a mess)

and found the magic ball start. I am afraid to look for anything, since I always find something
else to work on. Well, I will promise myself that I will not knit too many rows for this magic
ball project, today. I am busy.

Knitting Olympics and Clapotis

Between Knitting the bag and knitting the Clapotis, and having granddaughter over, I had a busy day yesterday. I managed to get the bag to a near finish, but Clapotis will take some time more.
The bag came fast because I was knitting all previous night and then Saturday morning.

I have to get a few things for the "now-not-at-all-like-in-the-book" laptop case. It's not even close. I think I got off the pattern after the first few rows. I just can't easily follow a pattern, I
have to make my own little paths. No wonder I get lost so easily.

That's another thing. I hubby and I go anywhere that is a new place for us, and I am navigating,
guess what, we get lost. OH, NO, we don't, we take a detour. I insist taking another route than
is in the map. Maps are similar to knitting/crocheting patterns, aren't they?

You want to see a picture of the bag? Not yet.

I have to go to WallyMart first and then do something and then take a picture and then post it.
So, you just have to wait.

Unless I show you a little bit. Ok, here is one side.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Start of the Olympics Challenge

Here is the beginning of the laptop case I am going to make.
It's now 5:49 pm EST.

Olympic Project

Today is the day. The yarns and needles are waiting for me to get home from work, so I can start the laptop case for the Olympic project. I am surprised that I was able to wait until today, and not cheating. (I would only cheat myself, really)

Hubby is babysitting our granddaughter today. I would like to teach her to knit and crochet, but perhaps she is a bit too young. she is just 16 plus months.

I have knitting withdrawal right now, my eyes keep going to my Clapotis knitting, which is neatly resting on my side desk, here at work. Maybe I should hide it, so I would get some work done.

Later I will post a picture of my Olympic project start.

the time here is now 10:12 a.m. (I took a break from work)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Clap Clap Clapotis - again

I was off sick yesterday.
I managed to knit a few rows. I also managed to go to the nearby mall to get some
medicine, and my lotto 6/49 tickets.
I switched the ponytail holders to small hair elastic rings, which I bought at Dollarama,
some time ago. They are great, but sometimes tricky, because they don't slide easily on
the needle. Maybe they would slide better on bamboo needles, who knows, but I am not
going to change the circ, unless I find my 3 mm turbo circ. All my circular needles are in two
places=containers, so it's just a matter of getting the needle, but I'm too busy knitting.

There was a nice surprise on my desk, when I came to work this morning. Three packages
of Yarn Bobbins. This means that someone is thinking of me, when they see knitting thingies
while shopping. I have a feeling the person was my boss. She is the only one in this office
who knits, other than I.

In the picture you can see the little hair elastics. I paid one dollar plus tax for trillions of them. I didn't count. I am using yellow ones, because being such tiny rings, the blue and green ones I had before didn't show too well, and I sometimes passed the little ring without proper stitching.

The scarf is processing, I have already dropped one stitch, yohoooo!

I am aiming to get it done for our work trip to Montreal in March. Wish me luck.
And tomorrow I will start the laptop bag!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clapotis continues

Can you believe this: I really started this project, and here it is so far:

The yarn is Bernat Sox, Acrylic and Nylon. The yarn is very soft and it does not give my skin any problem. Thank you for acrylic yarns.

Oh, and there is my coffee and some other stuff, and the markers are ponytail holder thingies. I hate the plastic rings, they are so annoying, for me, that is.

Back to knitting. It's 7:36 pm.

I think I need to post the link for the scarf:


Some time ago, I saw this in the and fell in love with it. Sometimes it's not the right time to find these things, though. It wasn't for me, and still isn't, but I am determined to, at least, see how it goes.

I was staring at my Angora (Goat Hair) mohair yarn, touching it on my skin and trying to determine, if it was a good choice for me. Looking at the pattern I realized I didn't have enough
of the said angora yarn, pity.

I bravely started with Patons Grace cotton, and then decided that it was too heavy. My real problem now appeared. Where do I find a yarn that would be suitable for this beautiful scarf/shawl creation?

Then the light went on, and I remembered that I had oodles of Bernat Sox yarn, in variegated
turquoise. Ooh, I love that yarn, and it does NOT itch.

So far I have managed to make four rows, before I started working this morning. I cannot wait for my lunch time, so I can continue and see how this project develops.

Please don't pay any attention to this WIP, it might not continue tomorrow, since I am also determined to finish Ella's Aran cardigan, and my sweater, and jacket, and a baby blanket, and another bag, and...........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Monday, February 06, 2006

PalmPal case

Finished, unless I'll wash it one more time. I washed the case twice, and the keyboard fits nicely inside. I hope the case will be completely dry by tomorrow, so that I would be able to use it.

I like it, it's only 5¼" by 6½", a little bit larger than in the book (AlterKnits), but I need the extra room for the little keyboard.

I cannot wait for the Olympics to begin so I can start the laptop case.

Here is the picture of the finished PalmPal case. Oh, and I used Patons Classic Merino Wool.

Simple thoughts

Doesn't anybody use any simple yarns any more to make simple knits? All I see these days are "exciting" new yarns that cost a small fortune. Or, better yet, they make my skin itch. Some of the more fancy yarns give me hives just staring at them. It is hard life to have a super sensitive skin. No nice wools for me. Makes me cry (NOT). I think very carefully before I buy any of the beautiful new yarns, because they will sit in the box, bag, or plastic container for ever, unused.

It's easier to have wasted money on non-expensive, not so exciting yarn. I can always go and buy the fancy stuff when I have won the jackpot in 6/49 or super 7.

I sometimes look at the nice new yarns, and want to buy. However, when I start thinking for what I would use it, my brain freezes, and there goes the moment, and I then stop at "regular" yarn section, and make my selection for what I truly need.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pre Olympic challenge stuff

I have promised myself to take part on Yarn Harlot's Olympic program. I will make a laptop case.

I made some paisleys first. That was yesterday.

I found the pattern for the laptop case in "Alterknits" book. on page 63, I think. Right after that is a pattern for a PDA case. I believe it's the same as my PalmPilot, if not, no biggie.

Today was the day for the PDA case. I have been sitting on my skinny behind (hey, a girl can lie, can she not?) (I hate to write here "on my fat ass" because then everyone knows that I have a big behind)

Here is a picture of the paisleys I made yesterday, and a picture of the PDA Case before felting.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Imagination running with high heel sandals

Versus UFO. Got a new name again, Perpetual WIP, as in PWIP.
I like TWIT better, but then I must think of the origin for those letters.

T would be Timeless (how boring)
W for work, we all know that
I for in, as well known
T ...another T? Do I really have to think about this? Tow
Timeless Work In Tow, wait, in Tote.
It's been a long day, and it's just past six thirty at night.

Went for lunch today, to Swiss Chalet. Unfortunately our groupwas in a hurry to get back to work, and our dahrling waitress wasthe same one another group I was with had about a month ago.

A month ago, after waiting and waiting for our food, one of us got upand went to ask where would our food be.She came to our table and sarcastically blurted:"if you had told methat you were in a rush, I would have come sooner". This was like anout later. HELLOOOO.Then when she brought the food, much later, she apologized, sort of,but spoiled it by saying that the kitchen was very busy and if we hadtold her blah blah blaaah.So, today, our group had her.We tried to tell her from the beginning that we were in a rush.
She was not.
After telling her two million times that we would like to pay, she finallycame with the bills. We were late about 25 minutes. Yup.
If I ever see that waitress nearing my table again, I will leave.
I love the cream of chicken soup at Swiss Chalet.

What's on the needles? I found yarn, I feel funny calling cotton "yarn", what else could it be. This is Patons Grace. I am planning to take part in the Olympic Challenge, but can't make up my mind what I want to make. I want to make a spring top, but knowing myself it's not going to happen, so I might make a laptop tote bag. I saw a pattern somewhere. It might have been in one of my books. It was felted. Really neat.
I am not going to take my laptop to Montreal, but I can put my business papers in it. Yes, I am going to Montreal in March for a business trip, for two days.
I hope I have time to go to a yarn store there, if they are near the hotel. Right in the middle of downtown.
I love Montreal.
I must ask someone who knows what's in there. I am sure I will not have too much time, but if I was lucky then there was a yarn store right beside the hotel.

I need more coffee.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


I have come up with a new name for UFO, I will now call that TWIP.
Terminal WIP.

Just posting it here, so I won't forget it.

One of those days

My favorite subject is to complain about other drivers.
What are those people thinking when they dreamily drive on the
passing lane, under the speed limit? Even the ones who are not
in the passing lane, but going steadily way under the limit, no rush. It's a rush hour FPS.

My thumb still hurts. Today, while doing some dishes at lunch time, I hit it, once again, and boy, did it hurt, and then the stupid thumb started bleeding.

One of my co-workers put a bandage on it, when I had whined a minute or
so. Just to make my suffering a little bit more dramatic, I had to have some
proper attention.

The picture here is a piece called "Winter by the Pond" . I made it for a challenge program in one of the yahoo groups of which I am a member.

I had to have some wintry stuff here. The time now is 15:07