Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Some time ago, I saw this in the knitty.com and fell in love with it. Sometimes it's not the right time to find these things, though. It wasn't for me, and still isn't, but I am determined to, at least, see how it goes.

I was staring at my Angora (Goat Hair) mohair yarn, touching it on my skin and trying to determine, if it was a good choice for me. Looking at the pattern I realized I didn't have enough
of the said angora yarn, pity.

I bravely started with Patons Grace cotton, and then decided that it was too heavy. My real problem now appeared. Where do I find a yarn that would be suitable for this beautiful scarf/shawl creation?

Then the light went on, and I remembered that I had oodles of Bernat Sox yarn, in variegated
turquoise. Ooh, I love that yarn, and it does NOT itch.

So far I have managed to make four rows, before I started working this morning. I cannot wait for my lunch time, so I can continue and see how this project develops.

Please don't pay any attention to this WIP, it might not continue tomorrow, since I am also determined to finish Ella's Aran cardigan, and my sweater, and jacket, and a baby blanket, and another bag, and...........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.


mursuliina said...

hei! kiva kun olit käynyt blogissani kommentoimassa! eli kassissa käytin ihan pelkkiä kiinteitä silmukoita. kun virkkaa suljettua ympyrää, tulee hauskan näköistä jälkeä, josta se kuvakin oli.

hamsterityöllä tarkoitan nyt helmikuussa valmistuvia käsitöitä. meillä on sellainen tempaus kuin lankahamsterit. eli helmikuussa ei saa ostaa uutta lankaa, vaan lankahamsterit neulovat ja virkkaavat kaappiensa kätköissä pötköttäviä keriä pois. voit käydä lueskelemassa lankahamsterit.blogspot.com

meemi on sellainen "kiertokirje" joka kiertää blogista toiseen.

Pirk said...

Kiva, kiva juttu.

Nyt kun saisin muutkin mukaan meidan porukassa. Aloittelen Hamsteri ohjelman huomenna.