Monday, May 24, 2010

Hugo the teddy bear

This little teddy bear, named Hugo, was missing since he came
back from Argentina, last June (2009). Somehow he ended up
in a bag that had some birthday gifts, that I had bought for my sister to mail later.
Needless to say, I forgot about the bag, and never even paid attention to it. I searched everywhere else.

We had some major cleaning done in our home, clearing stuff away
from the rads, creating a major mess in one bedroom, that now has
become a mess room. Hmph.

We also had a visitor from out of country, and once again, re-arranging everything, and moving things around. No wonder everything was out of place, and so was the bag where Hugo was sleeping. I want to say that he was hibernating, so I won't feel too guilty for not finding him. He needed the sleep.

On Saturday I decided to re-create this teddy bear, once again, my third try. I found yarn that
seemed to be quite similar to what Hugo's color was. I spent almost all day trying to get the new
bear done. I did the head twice, and just in frustration cut it off, and tried again, and finally gave up and decided that this little bear has to do. I named him Oscar. There was no way I was going
to replace Hugo. Funny thing, Hugo has done a lot: He came with me to work, to the stores, he played in the snow, he went to Finland, he came with us to Argentina, and then disappeared.

Oscar and I decided to make one more search on Sunday morning. We both decided that if we
cannot find him now, then he must have gone to bear heaven. We looked and looked, and then Oscar yelled: what's in that purple bag? There was Hugo, and we all danced and sang happy songs.

Here, Hugo and Oscar happily posing, first after the successful search and then tucked in the car under the seat belt. I took them both with me when I went out to the market.

When I came home, later in the afternoon, I remembered that Hugo's
friend Otto, from Finland, had sent him
a Christmas gift (2009). It was still waiting for him, unopened. Hugo was
totally happy to see that he had a surprise gift.

He had received Lapland boots, and he will wear them when the winter comes.

The boots are beautiful and Hugo sends his warm thanks to Otto for the nice gift.

International Freeform Guild Show 2010

The 2010 International Freeform Fiberarts Guild Show
Somewhere in My World, has opened, and you can see all the entries here:

My world is in a round shape, thus showing more than one picture. I wanted to
show the world that is around me.

The show is absolutely amazing, and there are artists that have pieces that make me
just look in awe. Anyone who is interested in freeform crochet or knitting, or any other
type of freeform creation, would, in my opinion, be inspired and ready try their hands on
this type of project.

Of course, you do not have to be freeform-type crocheter or knitter,
you still will enjoy the show, I promise. It is a show "somewhere in my world".


Friday, May 21, 2010

Food is not good

This morning, 1% milk, don't ask how much, "this much" see my fingers, some chopped strawberries and out of this world icky store brand fiber (10%) cereal. Eating with a teaspoon.

I figured, if you eat foods that require a spoon, use a smaller one, it will take longer to eat, and
you will be full sooner. do you like my reasoning? I didn't have a big spoon handy, and lazy as I am, didn't feel like going to the drawer and getting a nice dinner size spoon.

No, I am not on a weight diet. I have sufficient amount of weight already, and since it wants to
stay with me, I don't want to fight. I am on a carb-kind of diet, because my blood sugar (as in
BS) keeps me on my toes, literally. I keep hitting my toes on things and that hurts.

Lunch is going to be a soup that was made of left-over veggies that I found in the fridge. Chicken
broth, with minimal carbs, is added to those veggies and the soup is delicious, with some other
spices, like oregano, and garlic.

I am having more fun preparing my daily meals to take to work than I enjoy getting ready in the
morning to go to work. The thing is, usually I want to wear something that is too wrinkled, so can't wear that, or have to iron. By this time, however, it's getting a bit late for leaving. Then
I must find something else, and at the same time decide that I will get my clothes ready in the
evening and iron all the clothes on the weekend. I like promising myself these things. I can do it
every morning and every weekend. Promises keep me on my toes. And the iron is still cold.

Lunch, veggie soup, boiled egg and leftover chicken breast. Lot's of protein.
Afternoon snack, Kiwi fruit.

Outside the kitchen stuff, I have crocheted some freeform scrumbles with thread, still knitting
February Lady Sweater for a friend, whose birthday is coming up. The sweater is not going to be done by then, because I have re-arranged my priorities, the sweater is for a cool weather, not for a hot and humid summer weather. I have been also drawing zentangles and gotten some new pens. I get excited with simple things, and am happier when I don't have to
think about buying designer clothes or purses or other more expensive items that I really don't need. I let someone else enjoy those.

I was so happy when I saw a purse at Winners the other day, it was mustard yellow, had little
side pockets and some zippers, and it just screamed my name, and I had to buy it. I have another purse in my desk drawer that has not been used yet. I might give that to my sister, who also likes purses. My yellow purse has a name, Bueno, but it does not ring a bell for me.
It was very inexpensive and ... well, I love it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another impulsive thought

These are my current projects that are being worked on every day. I will get the red shawl finished tonight, if I stop blogging.
The shawl is called Otono. I have modified the pattern, because I made two others already, but I like the edging very much.
The yarn is Alpaca Paint.

The orange project start is going to be another February Lady Sweater. This one is for a friend of mine. She has a birthday in June, so this will be finished soon, too. The yarn is Tanis FiberArts
Merino wool.

The green project is for me, it's supposed to be a summer tee. The yarn is somewhat heavy cotton, Butterfly, thus creating slightly heavier top than I could wear in our humid summer days. Perhaps it would be better in the autumn. Hopefully I will finish it before the summer is over. I do have some free form crochet projects also in my tote bag, but
the two items are now first on my list.

I went to Winners today. It's a store, if you don't know what kind of a Winner I went to see.
They have designer clothes at discounted prices, and some other stuff. I was looking for a pair of pants, and perhaps some nice summer shoes.
I came out of the store with a cook book, small box that fits either some of my needles, little things needed in crocheting and knitting, or pens and then there will be three or four smaller slots for something else.
Well, that was not so bad, since I wanted (want ≠ need) those. My impulse purchase was an oil painting kit.
Included: booklet, two canvases, several oil paint tubes, some brushes, palette, and knife.

Now, do I need this now? No, but I wanted it anyway. I want to try my patience with oil paints.
(the paint dries so slowly). We'll see, in the future.

First I must clear my mess around the dining table. Think about my weaving looms, and all the
other interests that I have lined up for me.

On Saturday I will go to DKC Knitters' Frolic. I will NOT buy any yarn, but will look for nice needles. The tools are very important. I love tools. Whether they are for knitting, crocheting or for art. Other supplies will then follow, but tools are important. I am trying to convince myself that I do need nice needles.

Once again I fell into Amazon trap. The other day, could have been yesterday, I ordered two
Alice Starmore's books, one in Fair Isle Knitting and the other Celtic knitting. I am sure someone should take me to see a professional for my insanity. Oh, and then, to get free shipping, I ordered two more books. One for socks, and the other a non-fiction book Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What's in your purse?

If you are carrying only one small purse, the following might scare you.

I often wonder why my purse(s) are so heavy. Most of the time I blame loose change, since
I have a very nasty habit just to toss the change into my purse. Never mind opening the
small change pouch that I had bought in Argentina. It's a perfect little coin purse, leather and with a zipper. Sometimes I organize (oh oh, what a dangerous word) my purse and am surprised
how many coins I have. It's usually a nice surprise. I collect somewhere 2 to 3 dollars in nickles, dimes and quarters.
So, why is my purse heavy?
Let's see, what's in my TOTE bag, never mind the purse.
1. Knitting bag
-Otono shawl start
-February Lady Sweater start
-Summer tee with Butterfly yarn start
2. Ball of copper color crochet thread with a steel hook (1.50 mm) attached
3. Ball of var. reds Tencel thread with a scrumble still worked on
4. 4 Sets of knitting dpn needles, various sizes
5. Crochet hooks One Tulip 5 mm, one Novita 5 mm
one size 5 steel hook
6. 2 cable needles
7. Tapestry and darning needles in a red plastic candy tube (no candies)
8. Key-ring measuring tape
9. Two small note pads
10. Pen
11. Scissors
12. Nail clippers
13. Six Ink Drawing Pens
14. Eraser
15. Pencil
16. Three different size Sketch books
17. Small "album" for drawings
18. Book of Japanese Irish Crochet Lace
19. Two Green Tea Bags
20. Hand Cream
21. Curling Iron (butane)
Are we there yet? Bored?
22. Pattern Printouts
- February Lady Sweater
- Victorian Thread Holder
23. Other Printouts
- Carb chart for fruits
- Carb counter, Low Carb Counter, Fiber Counter
- Diabetes Daily "A 7 Day Meal Plan" missing one day
24. Blood Sugar measuring thingy
25. Zentangle drawing from 1985
26. Journal
27. Thread Scrumble
28. Leather pouch for a small sketch book
29. Folder with paid and unpaid bills
30. Lightweight nylon shopping bag.
And I do not understand why I have pain in my back. And furthermore, I have not even
mentioned my handbag. The one in orange color.
Perhaps later, when I have sorted all out, and emptied the unnecessary stuff. That way I
might have a more reasonable content of my purse.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 1st 2009

Another anniversary today, 5 years no smoking. I might have smoked in my dreams, once, if I remember correctly, but it does not count.

Today is also a May Day in Europe, which is similar to our Labour day, except the celebrations might be different the night before and during. I remember having cow bells with us and we went from house to house to wake people up. That was fun, when we were kids. A few people got really angry and threw water on us, but most of the folks new that kids do this at night before May Day.
This is a long time ago, so I cannot say that this is the case now.

I spent some of the morning and noon time at Riverdale Farm in Toronto. I was supposed to meet Sherri and her friends, but it didn't happen.

I have a slight allergy towards barn areas, and the animals that live in there. I can look at them outside, but when I go inside, my breathing has some issues, and my brain tells me to get out.

I walked around the farm area, it's beautiful. Found a place where spinners and weavers were showing their talents. The room was very hot, so my stay in there lasted a few minutes only.
Long enough, though, to say hello to a friend Sheryl, and take a picture of an interesting woven
project, still on the loom.

Walked out, sat down for a bit, and then continued towards a bench by the tulip field. I sat down, crocheted, and enjoyed the silence, the calm weather, and a beautiful view. By the bench
there were some nettles and of course I had to take a picture, because I have not seen those plants in a few years. We used to play around that plant, when we were kids, and see who would
be the bravest and not get stung. I didn't touch the plant to see if it did the stinging, a picture
was sufficient.

As I was walking towards the main areas, I started feeling unpleasantly weird. I found another
bench later and called my friend that I had to leave. So, I missed her, and the other friends.
I also missed the shearing and some other activities, but did watch the sheepdogs taking care of the lambs.