Monday, May 24, 2010

Hugo the teddy bear

This little teddy bear, named Hugo, was missing since he came
back from Argentina, last June (2009). Somehow he ended up
in a bag that had some birthday gifts, that I had bought for my sister to mail later.
Needless to say, I forgot about the bag, and never even paid attention to it. I searched everywhere else.

We had some major cleaning done in our home, clearing stuff away
from the rads, creating a major mess in one bedroom, that now has
become a mess room. Hmph.

We also had a visitor from out of country, and once again, re-arranging everything, and moving things around. No wonder everything was out of place, and so was the bag where Hugo was sleeping. I want to say that he was hibernating, so I won't feel too guilty for not finding him. He needed the sleep.

On Saturday I decided to re-create this teddy bear, once again, my third try. I found yarn that
seemed to be quite similar to what Hugo's color was. I spent almost all day trying to get the new
bear done. I did the head twice, and just in frustration cut it off, and tried again, and finally gave up and decided that this little bear has to do. I named him Oscar. There was no way I was going
to replace Hugo. Funny thing, Hugo has done a lot: He came with me to work, to the stores, he played in the snow, he went to Finland, he came with us to Argentina, and then disappeared.

Oscar and I decided to make one more search on Sunday morning. We both decided that if we
cannot find him now, then he must have gone to bear heaven. We looked and looked, and then Oscar yelled: what's in that purple bag? There was Hugo, and we all danced and sang happy songs.

Here, Hugo and Oscar happily posing, first after the successful search and then tucked in the car under the seat belt. I took them both with me when I went out to the market.

When I came home, later in the afternoon, I remembered that Hugo's
friend Otto, from Finland, had sent him
a Christmas gift (2009). It was still waiting for him, unopened. Hugo was
totally happy to see that he had a surprise gift.

He had received Lapland boots, and he will wear them when the winter comes.

The boots are beautiful and Hugo sends his warm thanks to Otto for the nice gift.

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Janet said...

I'm glad Hugo was found otherwise we might not have got a look at those adorable Lapland boots!! And now he has a new friend to play with....Oscar is so cute.