Tuesday, March 23, 2021

If Only

 Dreams a strange:  Last night, in my dreams, I spoke fluent Spanish. Anoche, en mis sueños, hablé español con fluidez.

I cannot explain that.  

Another dream.  Here we go again, buying Christmas wrapping paper, making a list of people who would get a present.  However, the secretary of the boss came to work, unexpectedly, and I had to hide the packages an wrapping papers. 

She had her fluffy, white cat with her. 

The cat peed on the baseboard in her office.  Good Girl, the cat.

this picture is from 

Yesterday we received AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine at our doctor's office.  No problem, no pain, no side effects, as they could be possible.  Well, I wouldn't want any freebies from that anyway.  All is good.

I did get a cortisone shot on my frozen shoulder.  That one hasn't gotten better yet. 

My book shopping might have caused some problems.  I bought a book yesterday, at Shoppers DM.  Came home, and sure enough I have the same book on my read list. Oh, what to do now.  I had the receipt, put the book back in the SDM plastic bag, and planned to return it.  However, at the doctor's office, we were treated by the doc's nurse, whom we like very much.  I gave the book to her.  It was my pleasure, honestly, made me feel good.

I am curious to see how the new Covid-19 cases will react when some areas want to open all their restaurants.   329 in Peel Region .  Mississauga and Brampton are in that area. 

It is important to know what is going on, but sometimes the media makes the news very complicated, and, pardon me, a liiiitttle bit incorrect.  Here is one update from few days ago. I only insert the link, so you do not have to read it.  It's about areas where I live.

Ontario loosening pandemic capacity restrictions on restaurants (yahoo.com)

I am waiting for Amazon delivery today.  Checked the tracking, and the order has not even been shipped.  Hmph.  The book, "Later" by Stephen King is with some other stuff.

I am reading as fast as I can "The Lost Apothecary", which is an interesting story.

That reminds me of this book :

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Barbara Gordon's groundbreaking memoir tells the extraordinary story of a woman who has it all.
It was a book that kept me reading to the end.  No stopping.  That was in the early 80s.Another true story is told in this book: Educated is a memoir by the American author Tara Westover. In it, Westover recounts overcoming her survivalist Mormon family in order to go to college, and emphasizes the importance of education to enlarging her world. Wikipedia
Excellent read.  

The Apothecary book calls me, and that means bye for now.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Being Selfishly Vain

 This is not a good time for anyone.  

Please: Covid-19 and your sidekick variants, would you consider moving, let's see, to a planet that is too far for humans to fly to with a rocket.  I think you monsters have already run amok enough here on earth. Time for you to move out.

There are far too many deaths, sicknesses, and we don't even know what else.  This is not good.  

My personal beef is nothing compared with the pain and suffering with the Covid-19 affected population.  I am sorry for being sometimes upset that I won't have  pedicure, or a haircut.  Or go to a grocery shopping without fear that someone, not wearing a mask, is pumping into me.

I cringe when I see non-mask wearing selfish people in the stores. Perhaps it's not you, but we all need the protection.  Stay home, if you are against the mask.  Here: La verdadera maldición es la ignorancia (the real curse is ignorance).

 That's it for nagging about the Covid-19 situation.  

I have ordered two books from Amazon, they are both paperback ones.  I decided to have real paper in my hands, and then fighting with the bookstand.  Specially Stephen King's book 
fortunately there are only 272 pages, so trying to open the book properly on that bookstand, isn't too difficult.  Sometimes paperback ones won't open nicely, being too thick. If you don't know what I mean, I'll show you.
Not the best sample, but try to keep the book open, you need some patience and hand strength, and better book stand, maybe.

While I was eating my somewhat unhealthy (food shamers' words, not mine) breakfast, 
I started thinking, maybe a diet would be a good idea.

Had Kirkland's yogurt with berries, and Oat and Honey crunchy bar.  I stepped on it to crush the bar content.  The paper cover was still on, duh!  Spread the crumbles on my yogurt and enjoyed.

For the diet idea, I ordered this paperback book, I won't start my "diet" until I receive the book, on Tuesday.

On Monday I will pledge my starting date for *tomorrow*.

I ran out of words,  therefore, I say bye bye, and enjoy the sunny day.

Update:  cancelled this book order.  Promising to diet is useless for me.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Tired of my Dang Shoulder Pain

First of all, this is how our cat, Missy, welcomed us at home.  Caption:  Where is my food, I am starving.  The cat is fat, and doesn't understand what dieting means.  She bites if she doesn't get her food. Pronto, ASAP, STAT

So, the shoulder pain, pss off,  I tried to knit a few rows last night, and this morning I woke up cursing the pain caused by knitting a few stitches. No mercy. The thumb snickered behind a Voltaren tube.

I also, I admit, crocheted a few sc ones, but gave up, because the thread didn't like the hook I was using.  How is it possible that a yarn could be arrogant enough to deject yarn that I chose to test.

Just to make myself to weep a little bit, here is a freeform Irish Crochet piece I had crocheted some time ago, and alas, where is it?

Another item I am going to start looking for where it could be.  The list is quite long now. 
There is a notebook, watercolour tray with colour tiles, my mind, blue variegated and solid colour sock yarn, and I forgot what else. 


Thursday, March 18, 2021

Battle with boxes

 Good Morning.

Spent all the non-existent strength from my arm and hands cutting, knifing, tearing boxes for re-cycling. Amazon boxes, easy, Avon boxes, darn it, harder, and then the frigging Costco delivery box. Holy macaroni, I used a sharp knife, two different ones, Fiskars scissors, heavy kitchen scissors, my strength (poor arms). At first the pieces were nice, small and even, then they started getting bigger, and with torn sides.
Well, the work is done. and I need a very strong coffee. I mixed Melitta with espresso coffee, and not strong enough. But it has to do for now.

The picture of a box is not the one I destroyed, but could not find the right one, as it was already in pieces by the time I decided to warn you about the Heavy Sweet Potato box from the States. Do not try to cut it in any way, just step on it, jump on it, let all your frustration to act on that stupid box. Well, it's good for delivery, but then you need to re-cycle it in pieces.

Now comes the tying the pieces in a bundle.

The cat bed, I made,, is in the back.
One of the cats is looking for treats, the other one is checking if I give any to the other, if so, she will jump out of her fancy cardboard box and want treats, too.
Merlin waiting for treats?

Missy checking if she will get some
Sir Oliver is in Cat Heaven. Miss him.

I have not been able to take the recycle stuff out, too many things caught my eyes.
Empty the trash, take the knives back to the kitchen, oh, and wash some of the wash cloths, but first clear the bathroom counter. There is a bottle of cannabis oil (for pain), which should be in the medicine cabinet (which I don't currently have, as all the medicines are everywhere.)

Hence, my favourite free time is searching for something.
Usually knitting needles, yarn of right colour, odds and ends, as in shoes, when one is missing. And many more other things. Seems like I am constantly looking for something.

Now getting ready to go out. Where? Michaels store? Nah, I don't need more yarn.
I'll invent something with what I have.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pigeons, Coffee, Soup

 I made coffee in the French press coffee maker, which was a Christmas gift from our friends, many years ago..

We use it quite often, specially loose leaf special teas, As in herbal ones. When I want just a cup of coffee, I use this.

It's cold outside. Can you imagine that? It's the wind. I went to the balcony to chase a pigeon couple, who has moved to our neighbour's balcony. They came to check if there was a good nesting place here, NO. The neighbour has started taking some action, and the couple might be worried. Stay away you two.
It's too cold for me to chase these annoying coo coos (well that is a sound of a mourning dove, but close enough).

I made cauliflower, broccoli, chicken broth, carrot and spices soup yesterday, in a slow cooker. Yummy. The lunch will be a slice a pizza (hubby made lots and saved in the freezer) and soup. Sounds good.

The Pigeons, A Huge Pain, specially if you have a balcony. Summer is coming, and I want to sit outside with a book, and coffee. No need to have pigeon visitors.
Hubby did an excellent job covering the entrance for those puskes. (plural of pesk, says google)
Hereis part of the work that was done,
more netting later.
Knitting has been almost off the radar. However I decided to fix a pair of night socks, since they were too small to stay put. I fixed one sock, the red toe one, The other is going to be blue to differentiate left and right.
The red stitching is not following any pattern, they are on a whim stitches.
Still paying for the frigging thumb pain after doing this.

I went to see my family doctor yesterday, tried to convince her that I have too many pills, which ones could I drop? Nada, zero, no change.
I did get a referral for a shoulder x-ray and ultrasound, and perhaps later cortisone.
Also she showed me how to excercise my arm (painful wingy arm) To swing it
lightly back and forth
NO weights though, or anything heavy with that hand. I will do it at home, privately and quietly. Outside in public, the general population might think that I am testing my wings for flying. The cargo will be too heavy for that.
That's not me, somebody in the gym, where I don't go.
and this picture is also from Google.
So, that is enough for my medical report.

Back to my regular scheduled programming: drinking coffee and surfing the FB, watching videos, and perhaps reading this book:
Doesn't it fit well today?

Be good to yourself, stay safe from that nasty virus, and enjoy your coffee or tea. As will I now. Bye ya'll.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

I need coffee

 Early morning, I hope it's not going to happen every day.  Yesterday at 6, this morning 6:30. Reminds me of the working days.  Did I ever mention that I am retired, and have earned the right to sleep into the noon hours.  Staying up and reading into wee hours at night.

Now, a huge cup of coffee might be a cure for this morning's irritation.

We were watching a neighbour's balcony event:  on the 8th floor, there was a hawk.  Fist I thought it was dead, hanging from the balcony rail.  Then he started moving .
Finally the hawk was free and flew away.  Hubby was taking pictures with a strong zoom and from there he was able to see that two pigeons were stuck in a net, and the hawk tried to get them.  However, one of the pigeons fell on the balcony floor and the hawk flew away.
It's a huge problem here, specially now when it's pigeons romancing time.
There are quite a few hawks

 around these buildings, and hubby takes pictures of Hawks and pigeons here.  Out in the parks are other birds.  His pictures of different birds are amazing.

Today is another day without knitting or crocheting.  I hope I can stay away for a few weeks, so that my aching arm and thumb will heal.  It's tough, as I have seen so many started projects that I want to finish, but I really should be smart  and behave. 

Unfortunately these are only a few of my WIPs (Work In Process).  There are more, and then more.  My plan is to collect all unfinished items in bin/s.  and Weep.

I replaced knitting with searching for my watercolours and brush type pens.  I found a  Chinese brush painting set.  Years have gone by since I had bought this one
there was an impulsive idea to  learn some of  this.  I tested some of my other brushes, I had bought at a Japanese store, to use in my journal.  Hmph, Those brushes came handy for trying out the characters in Chinese symbols.  
I organized my found collection, cleared a place for all of them.   Now, what will I do next? 
The fact is, I might just look at the stuff and admire the neat order of all the tools creating art by drawing or painting.  Something else will come to catch my interest, and my learning new things is put in the back burner, of which the fuse has burned out.

I wish I could keep my inspiration with me, not to have it fly away after seeing something else.   Which probably will be lost quickly, too.

There is one hobby that keeps me interested, and that is books.
some here.  With painted boxes.  The La Boca was done by my SIL Nancy, and the Trinket box was given to me by my former boss.  The Gallery box is the one my son gave me one Christmas.  The book sans name, is a sketch book.

And these are the books I have read this year.  I have been a bit slow with my reading this year.  Last year I read 75 books.

Right now I am reading  "Every Single Secret"  
Many of my books are for my Kindle reader, as this Secret book is.
I also bought a new book, that came in yesterday, this one: 

Looks like I am going to be reading today.  
Have a day of your interests and I will have mine.