Thursday, May 07, 2015

What is a slump?

It's been a strange start of the spring.  I have not gotten anything finished in knitting or crocheting.
Sometimes those inadequate feelings just wrap me around like a blanket.  Which reminds me that I have an unfinished granny square blanket somewhere.  Not that I really care.
To be critical of oneself is sometimes dangerous for someone who wants to create art.  Any which way, drawing, painting, sculpting , knitting, crocheting, and any other method.  Because it might stop a person to continue with a project. 

My slump blanket is decorated with self doubt, and "I am no good in this".  There was a time when that didn't matter, whether I was good or not.  I kept going and being happy. 

I am not saying that I am unhappy now, I am just full of crappy thoughts and those thoughts make me
doubt my creativity.  Am I repeating myself?

Sometimes I wonder if I ever fit with any other group of people.  I am only pushing myself to participate but still feel like an outsider.

On the positive note, I have learned some new tricks in Brioche knitting.  I had known the basics, but increasing and decreasing were a mystery.  I think I have nailed the increasing quite well.  I still have to stop and think the decreasing, since there are two leaning decreases, left and right.  Important in
A designed pattern. 

Next step would be two colors, but that can wait, I have other projects started (did I mention that I have not finished anything for a while - started a few)

This one would be (haha) a summer vest or top, on top of a tee-shirt.  This will be done in Patons Grace cotton yarn.  I am on a stash diet.  Meaning I will use only yarns that are in my stash.  Although I have a very itchy feeling to go and visit Yarn Guy, and see if he has any other colors than what I have.  However, for those itches will disappear if I work on something else.  Sad, isn't it. 

Next on my started things is almost finished top.  I have no idea when I started it, and why stopped.  But here it is, in an unfinished form, and somewhat wrinkled, since it's been wrapped like a pile of yarn in a bag, for years. 

The other project. Is also with Patons Grace cotton yarn, a mitered squares top or something.  I have tried to make summer tops many times, only a few have been finished.  I might get these two finished before the summer is over.

I made a Sima Drink for May 1st, but was not successful.  I had dumped a whole bag of dry yeast, instead of miniscule amount.  Also, I didn't have enough liquid.  The Drink was somewhat alcoholic.  Most of it I threw out.
Some I drank, and felt oddly lightheaded, even though the alcohol amount
Was very slight.

The other day I made another dose of this Sima, and so far so good, but not ready for drinking yet.
And one more link .  I am making a Mediterranean salad for a group that is meeting soon. I have all the ingredients already. 

Now, if only I could get my inspiration come home, and sweep all the crappy thought webs from my blanket, and leave me with a fresh mind to finish something. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Leaf (hopefully)

It's time to adjust the way I waddle thru my days.  I love that word "waddle" it reminds me of our Missy, the two and a half year old cat, who is slightly overweight.  In human charts she would be obese.
I have been thinking of ways to get her to walk with me in the hallways.  She needs a leash.  I am a little bit concerned that she would strangle me with it, or worse, use her claws like Garfield cat does.

I have a nasty habit to sway off the topic, and this post will be full of detours. If I ever get to the end of it.

Let's see, Yesterday I took the subway to go somewhere.  Did you notice, there are no escalators going down in some of the stations?  I counted some of the steps, but lost count since I had to stop and do some calming breathing.  Of course there is an elevator, but what the heck, the stairs would be
Good exercise for me. 

Coming back, you guessed it, I was able to use the escalator.  My exercise for the day was done.

This morning was another exercise session.  20 whopping minutes.  Excuse me, that is a lot for me,
The one who sits on the chair most of the day.  I cannot think of going to the gym anytime soon. 

I reached my toes, when standing up and bending down, including knee bending.  I could tell you that
To touch the toes without bending those cracking parts of your legs, it's a very remarkable achievement.  Penny, from Big Bang Theory, does it very nicely, have you seen that one
My touching isn't like hers, but more like Sheldon's.

Love that show.

This is going to be a good goal for me, to touch my toes.  Perhaps pedicure would then become an
Easier task.  Well, I can touch the dang toes, but not the gymnastic way.  Let's not go there. 

Talking about goals, Another football (ahem, it IS football) game on telly right now.  Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid playing
No goals yet at that point when I linked it.  Should I let them know about my goals? 

This year has been full of reading books, knitting and crocheting.  One of the most touching books I read was "Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah.  What a beautifully written book.  No wonder I've been a
Bit lost continuing my reading with other types of books.  Mainly some fluffy detective mysteries.

An other book by Hannah, The Firefly Lane I borrowed from the library, and is on my "Overdrive",  however I cannot get the right feeling of the story, so I took a break, I still have a few days left before I must return it. 

What did I knit this year?  Hats, scarves cowls and socks.  I crocheted a blanket, which should be slightly bigger but the cats have decided that it's good enough for them.
And then there was some other kind of crocheting, too
One more cat picture.  Merlin checking the Vet's supplies.
Time to go and get some coffee.