Thursday, May 07, 2015

What is a slump?

It's been a strange start of the spring.  I have not gotten anything finished in knitting or crocheting.
Sometimes those inadequate feelings just wrap me around like a blanket.  Which reminds me that I have an unfinished granny square blanket somewhere.  Not that I really care.
To be critical of oneself is sometimes dangerous for someone who wants to create art.  Any which way, drawing, painting, sculpting , knitting, crocheting, and any other method.  Because it might stop a person to continue with a project. 

My slump blanket is decorated with self doubt, and "I am no good in this".  There was a time when that didn't matter, whether I was good or not.  I kept going and being happy. 

I am not saying that I am unhappy now, I am just full of crappy thoughts and those thoughts make me
doubt my creativity.  Am I repeating myself?

Sometimes I wonder if I ever fit with any other group of people.  I am only pushing myself to participate but still feel like an outsider.

On the positive note, I have learned some new tricks in Brioche knitting.  I had known the basics, but increasing and decreasing were a mystery.  I think I have nailed the increasing quite well.  I still have to stop and think the decreasing, since there are two leaning decreases, left and right.  Important in
A designed pattern. 

Next step would be two colors, but that can wait, I have other projects started (did I mention that I have not finished anything for a while - started a few)

This one would be (haha) a summer vest or top, on top of a tee-shirt.  This will be done in Patons Grace cotton yarn.  I am on a stash diet.  Meaning I will use only yarns that are in my stash.  Although I have a very itchy feeling to go and visit Yarn Guy, and see if he has any other colors than what I have.  However, for those itches will disappear if I work on something else.  Sad, isn't it. 

Next on my started things is almost finished top.  I have no idea when I started it, and why stopped.  But here it is, in an unfinished form, and somewhat wrinkled, since it's been wrapped like a pile of yarn in a bag, for years. 

The other project. Is also with Patons Grace cotton yarn, a mitered squares top or something.  I have tried to make summer tops many times, only a few have been finished.  I might get these two finished before the summer is over.

I made a Sima Drink for May 1st, but was not successful.  I had dumped a whole bag of dry yeast, instead of miniscule amount.  Also, I didn't have enough liquid.  The Drink was somewhat alcoholic.  Most of it I threw out.
Some I drank, and felt oddly lightheaded, even though the alcohol amount
Was very slight.

The other day I made another dose of this Sima, and so far so good, but not ready for drinking yet.
And one more link .  I am making a Mediterranean salad for a group that is meeting soon. I have all the ingredients already. 

Now, if only I could get my inspiration come home, and sweep all the crappy thought webs from my blanket, and leave me with a fresh mind to finish something. 

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