Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drawing and Daisy

The flowers were done with XP Paint application, and the yellow Daisy was done with Crochet hook, my hands, and thread application.

Some days, I could swear that I should be making some other stuff than solve jigsaw puzzles. Then I hear in the radio that solving puzzles and doing crossword puzzles keeps one's mind sharper than if I was just cleaning my home, doing dishes, going shopping (I have no money anyway) and having coffee or tea, or other type of drinks. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the above stuff, I am just saying that in addition to above stuff, one should do something else, too.

Where am I going with this. Oh, yes: in August, 2006, I placed an order for a subscription for the artist's magazine. Finally, after numerous calls to those people who are sending magazines, I received my first issue. I didn't receive the free gift, that was supposed to come. I'll give them until Monday, now that things seem to be moving over at that place. I want my freebie. I just don't remember what it is going to be.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The pattern for this little frog came from Amigurumi Girl's blog. (if you check January 2006 entries, you will find amazing creations Amigurumi Girl has.)

I had to change the arms and legs, because that is an obsession of mine: change something in every pattern, unless it's a cable sweater, and I have to follow a pattern stitch by stitch, or a KAL shawl, or stole.

Talk about KAL stoles, hmmm. I have not progressed too much, since my last post, because, I have been off and on in different areas of needle work. Knitting and Crocheting areas, that is. Of course I have used some sewing, too, to hide ends, and finish this cute little frog. That's about all I do with sewing needle, oh and sew buttons, too.

Back to this little frog. I needed something to smooth my recent habits: frogging to no end. Every single project that I try to make, requires some frogging. Be it a stitch or two, couple rows below, specially in cable pattern, or a sock pattern that doesn't please me, or an Irish Crochet Daisy, that required some manipulating so that the little Daisy would not cup.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mood for IC

I am on an Irish Crochet kick right now. Joined the group in Ravelry this morning, and
waiting for our next CAL project at our Yahoo group.

My head is spinning with a desire just to crochet little Irish motifs, and let my hook go.

On the back burner I have several items, do you want a list? My latest whim was a stole,
from, it's a KAL project, called Juno Regina. I've started it with a yarn that
I bought at my "normal" LYS, meaning that the yarn is not from Romni. Someone had ordered it and then didn't want it, and in comes Pirk, who absolutely fell in love with the yarn,
and it's lavender, wow, something has gone wrong with my brain, but I like the color.

How long is this spell lasting, who knows?

I also made some pink motifs for Prudence's Pink Project, and need to send them to her.

These are my WIPs, in no particular order:
Central Park Hoodie
Rogue Hoodie
FreeForm Sweater
Merino/Cashmere Sweater
Socks for Hubby
FreeForm scrumbles for a summer top
Juno Regina
Joyella (this one is coming along quite nicely)

the list goes on and on ....

I give up, now I am depressed. I need to do some Freeform Irish Crochet at lunch
to get my spirits up.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Knitter's block

Time flies when you are not having fun. Fun with the tingling fingers. When one knits or crochets and stops every two minutes, the process of project is slow, I would imagine.

I have not been able to produce anything else but some scrumbles, by crocheting. Which really is great, because I enjoy scrumbling and have not done that type of creating for a long while. Blame it on Christmas gifts for family members.

Knowing that another Christmas is coming up, I have started the gifts already, but as I mentioned, the process is very slow. I have managed to frog a few pairs of socks, I have managed to cast on stitches for a scarf, and I have managed to knit the ribbing and then some for three different hoodies. Wait, two of them are the same, just different colors, and yarns.

Despite my promise to myself of not buying any yarn for six months, I broke down last Thursday, and bought Galway Heather yarn for one of the hoodies. I have done the ribbing, and am ready for the first row on the cable chart.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First of the New Year 2008

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
It's snowing in our corner.

I finished a pair of Mystery socks, on Dec. 30th, last year. Here they are