Monday, January 14, 2008

Knitter's block

Time flies when you are not having fun. Fun with the tingling fingers. When one knits or crochets and stops every two minutes, the process of project is slow, I would imagine.

I have not been able to produce anything else but some scrumbles, by crocheting. Which really is great, because I enjoy scrumbling and have not done that type of creating for a long while. Blame it on Christmas gifts for family members.

Knowing that another Christmas is coming up, I have started the gifts already, but as I mentioned, the process is very slow. I have managed to frog a few pairs of socks, I have managed to cast on stitches for a scarf, and I have managed to knit the ribbing and then some for three different hoodies. Wait, two of them are the same, just different colors, and yarns.

Despite my promise to myself of not buying any yarn for six months, I broke down last Thursday, and bought Galway Heather yarn for one of the hoodies. I have done the ribbing, and am ready for the first row on the cable chart.


Janet said...

Ah, Pirk, I think you're too hard on yourself. Give your hands a rest....there are 345 days 'til Christmas! You've got a little time. When things don't go right with a project of mine, I leave it and move on to something else for a few hours or days. Then when I go back to it I usually have better luck with it.

Lisa said...

This is the earliest I've EVER heard anyone start on Christmas gifts! I'm amazed.
Does yarn acquisition count when it's purchased for a gift? I'd have to say no..........