Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The pattern for this little frog came from Amigurumi Girl's blog. (if you check January 2006 entries, you will find amazing creations Amigurumi Girl has.)

I had to change the arms and legs, because that is an obsession of mine: change something in every pattern, unless it's a cable sweater, and I have to follow a pattern stitch by stitch, or a KAL shawl, or stole.

Talk about KAL stoles, hmmm. I have not progressed too much, since my last post, because, I have been off and on in different areas of needle work. Knitting and Crocheting areas, that is. Of course I have used some sewing, too, to hide ends, and finish this cute little frog. That's about all I do with sewing needle, oh and sew buttons, too.

Back to this little frog. I needed something to smooth my recent habits: frogging to no end. Every single project that I try to make, requires some frogging. Be it a stitch or two, couple rows below, specially in cable pattern, or a sock pattern that doesn't please me, or an Irish Crochet Daisy, that required some manipulating so that the little Daisy would not cup.

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