Monday, January 21, 2008

Mood for IC

I am on an Irish Crochet kick right now. Joined the group in Ravelry this morning, and
waiting for our next CAL project at our Yahoo group.

My head is spinning with a desire just to crochet little Irish motifs, and let my hook go.

On the back burner I have several items, do you want a list? My latest whim was a stole,
from, it's a KAL project, called Juno Regina. I've started it with a yarn that
I bought at my "normal" LYS, meaning that the yarn is not from Romni. Someone had ordered it and then didn't want it, and in comes Pirk, who absolutely fell in love with the yarn,
and it's lavender, wow, something has gone wrong with my brain, but I like the color.

How long is this spell lasting, who knows?

I also made some pink motifs for Prudence's Pink Project, and need to send them to her.

These are my WIPs, in no particular order:
Central Park Hoodie
Rogue Hoodie
FreeForm Sweater
Merino/Cashmere Sweater
Socks for Hubby
FreeForm scrumbles for a summer top
Juno Regina
Joyella (this one is coming along quite nicely)

the list goes on and on ....

I give up, now I am depressed. I need to do some Freeform Irish Crochet at lunch
to get my spirits up.

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Amigurumi Girl said...

Hi there! You came by my blog looking for a frog and I wanted to say you're welcome. (^_^)'

Can't wait to see it when you're done. heehee