Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wrong choices

The last two days have been hot and humid. My A/C isn't on all the time, though, because I don't really like the "artificial" cool air that A/C produces. I also get sniffles and coughs, when the cold air blows too long.

What did I do yesterday and today? Cleared my work area in the dining room. Yes, I have all my stuff on the dining table because I like working at that table. I have created a little "cubicle" for myself around the table. Even another table, but small, one of those end tables, that have a shelf in the middle. That table was full of my critical and current supplies, as well as books and magazines that were bought most recently. There was a fairly high pile of pattern printouts, and some other paper which didn't know where else to go at that moment when I was emptying my tote bag to make room for new stuff. You see, my tote bag contains patterns, magazines, and books, in case I have time to work on something at my lunch time at work.

Did I mention that the mentioned tote bag is the one that goes with me to work every day.
Did I ever mention that my current tote bag was made by my dear, dear friend, who lives in Sweden? She does quilting, and look at the two bags she made for my birthday. No wonder I carry them with me everywhere. The other bag has works stuff and bills and some other important items that have nothing to do with knitting or crocheting.

I also received, from another dear, dear friend, who lives in Finland, a quilted pillow case, which I
use all the time on my comfortable recliner seat when I watch TV. It's soooo pretty.

What was the wrong choice? To start heavy duty organizing, moving furniture, and yarn bags, yarn boxes, yarn tubs, books, and magazines. This was yesterday, and I felt as if I was working in a sauna in a brutal heat condition. Today was time to move the boxes and bags away, move the small table somewhere else, and organize a space for my treadmill. Another friend had given me this huge treadmill, since she did not have room in her new apartment. Like I have. But I have it now nicely put by the window, and I can watch TV while doing my walk. I refuse to use the e-word in this case, because if I do, I won't walk on my treadmill, if it means it's e.......
and I don't care if I put enough dots after e.

I am now so tired that any thought of crocheting or knitting sounds like work. My hubby suggested that we order pizza tonight. I must love him. He was at work on both days. When he is at home, I get none of this organizing done, it just doesn't happen. Maybe because he might want to help me (with my yarns, snicker, snicker), and I don't want any help. First, he has organizing skills, I don't, he would know what to do (throw most of my stuff in the garbage), I would not know (I keep EVERYTHING). He would be organizing my stuff so well that I would not find anything any more.

Even after I did my own clearing, I already have stopped to think "where did I put that one?"

This is going to be a challenging time for me. I need to prove to myself, and myself alone, that I can live in an organized area. I will wish myself luck.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New socks

I am starting to feel very strange, I am knitting socks during my free time. I should be working on my freeform top and hubby's cardigan, but nooooh, socks it is, and many of them started.

Belle Eloque socks that I mentioned in my previous post, are frogged and started again with a "normal" cuff. I didn't like my picot edging, I wasn't careful in turning the cuff, and it was crooked at some parts. I could have tried again, but was too busy to start the new pair. So far it looks great.

Here is a new sock, "Seaweed Socks" by Wendy Johnson. I went to get the link, and noticed that Wendy has started new socks. This is going to kill me, this sock phase.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Second Summer sock

The yarn is "Trekking Pro Natura" and pattern is from the book
2-at-a-time Socks, by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. Socks are "Belle Epoque".

I want to finish these socks by the weekend. I am not being very realistic, but a girl can hope.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Nutkin Socks

Summer socks 2008, first pair done. I am planning another few days vacation, so I can knit "vacation socks".

These socks are not perfect, but will do. I might make another pair with this pattern, except the heel and toe part. I don't care for short row heel and toe too much. The pattern is super easy and pretty. I want to try it with a solid color though.

Back to sock knitting. Hmmm, maybe some freeform crocheting to give some variety to my obsessions.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Time for summer socks

I've been knitting my socks for weeks, and got one sock done. It's been startitis syndrome time again. I started new socks practically every day...not really, but sometimes it feels like it.

I ordered some sock books, from Amazon, and borrowed one from Library.
The "Socks Socks Socks" book is from the Library. I have to return in at the end of this month, so I have to be very busy to get all those socks done, Hahah, in my dreams.

I have not started any from this book, though. Too many nice ones.

From the "2 at-a-time socks" I learned the "Magic Loop" method. I did practice with two circular needles, but got tired of the fiddling with needles and dropped the other needle and continued with one. This apparently is the ML technique.

I have not forgotten embroidery stitches. Found two marvellous stitch books at the library. I should go there more often, specially before I am planning to order books from Amazon.

Some other books I have hoarded lately

My son's SIL gave me a gift certificate for Chapters, one of our bookstores. I went and looked what they could inspire me, and found a great book, "Knits from a Painter's Palette" that I almost bought at one of the yarn shows, but my budget didn't allow it. Had I bought the book at the store, my gift certificate would not have been enough, so I ordered it on line, and here it is, my birthday gift from Sarah.

I love that book. I cannot stop looking at those amazing creations.

What's in the agenda today? Going to drive around in my new car, and perhaps get lost in a yarn store near the Beaches, heheh.

My friend Sherri is going to go to Purple Purl, and I am sure that I might head that way, too.
First I need to sort my sock projects, because one of them is coming with me. The one that is finished is the Nutkin sock, that I started a long time ago. The other one is still just a start, and not worth mentioning at this point. It will be a miracle if it ever gets done. I started it on my mini vacation couple of weeks ago.

Some time ago I had a birthday, and the office gang gave me another gift certificate, this time from Purple Purl. I bought loads of Noro Sock yarn to make a coat or something.
My boss gave me a hand-painted, wooden trinket box, which I love. I love boxes...hmmm...and of course I got flowers and a cake and lunch. It was a great day. I did manage to do some work, too.