Sunday, July 06, 2008

Time for summer socks

I've been knitting my socks for weeks, and got one sock done. It's been startitis syndrome time again. I started new socks practically every day...not really, but sometimes it feels like it.

I ordered some sock books, from Amazon, and borrowed one from Library.
The "Socks Socks Socks" book is from the Library. I have to return in at the end of this month, so I have to be very busy to get all those socks done, Hahah, in my dreams.

I have not started any from this book, though. Too many nice ones.

From the "2 at-a-time socks" I learned the "Magic Loop" method. I did practice with two circular needles, but got tired of the fiddling with needles and dropped the other needle and continued with one. This apparently is the ML technique.

I have not forgotten embroidery stitches. Found two marvellous stitch books at the library. I should go there more often, specially before I am planning to order books from Amazon.

Some other books I have hoarded lately

My son's SIL gave me a gift certificate for Chapters, one of our bookstores. I went and looked what they could inspire me, and found a great book, "Knits from a Painter's Palette" that I almost bought at one of the yarn shows, but my budget didn't allow it. Had I bought the book at the store, my gift certificate would not have been enough, so I ordered it on line, and here it is, my birthday gift from Sarah.

I love that book. I cannot stop looking at those amazing creations.

What's in the agenda today? Going to drive around in my new car, and perhaps get lost in a yarn store near the Beaches, heheh.

My friend Sherri is going to go to Purple Purl, and I am sure that I might head that way, too.
First I need to sort my sock projects, because one of them is coming with me. The one that is finished is the Nutkin sock, that I started a long time ago. The other one is still just a start, and not worth mentioning at this point. It will be a miracle if it ever gets done. I started it on my mini vacation couple of weeks ago.

Some time ago I had a birthday, and the office gang gave me another gift certificate, this time from Purple Purl. I bought loads of Noro Sock yarn to make a coat or something.
My boss gave me a hand-painted, wooden trinket box, which I love. I love boxes...hmmm...and of course I got flowers and a cake and lunch. It was a great day. I did manage to do some work, too.

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Janet said...

OK, now how did I not know about your birthday?! When was it?? You have to email me the date so I can know it next year.