Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I've been lazy

There is nothing exciting to report.

I am starting new projects every day, and nothing gets finished. My latest is a lacy patterned sock (I don't put socks, because I might only make one). I also, thanks to Sherri, started fiddling with my cro-tat hook. Made a few rings, all separate. I might imagine that they are for something important.

I started a cabbage soup diet on Monday, last week, have lost 10 lbs. I like the diet so much, that I am on my second week, although improvised a little bit. This is supposed to be a "normal" week, in eating, that is, so I decided that playing around with the cabbage soup menu, I will make this week close to "normal". Then nobody can say that "you are not supposed to do two weeks in a row" Well, I'm not...really. For instance, this day would be veggies and soup, I am having veggies, fruits and soup, tomorrow the same.

I am so glad that our Thanksgiving Day is way past, so I don't have to make excuses not to eat something like mashed potatoes on Thursday. I can eat cabbage soup.

What is on my list for Christmas to do? I don't want to think about it. A poncho, a pair (notice: pair) of socks, scarf, and a vest. Poncho is crocheted, all the rest knitted. I have started all but socks and the scarf. The socks are not lacy, they are NORMAL.

Of course I have trillion little things in between to do, you know, like snowflakes, scrumbles, paisleys, and whatnots. I refuse to make washcloths, although that might not be such a bad idea. They are fast to make. Hmmm. I might make one or two, just to make extra packages under the tree. I am so clever.

Have you ever noticed that the more expensive cars don't have the luxury of signals working.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Shawl for sis done

Finally! How long did it take? and this is not even the original pattern.

I started with a crochet pattern, did something else in between, and finally knitted it.

I've used Red Heart Symphony as main color (think twice before using it, it's nice, but a murder to frog) and the stripes and tassels are Lion Brand Homespun.

The pattern came from here:


I am not going to frog the crocheted shawl I started, I am going to use it as stuffing for a pillow, if I ever make one.

It is such a relief to have this done that I think I go and knit some legwarmers for our grand daughter.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another paisley

Here is the one I made last night.

It is Thursday, and I am ready to go home, but have until 4 thirty until that happens.

Tonight is a telly night for me. There is a CSI, Without a Trace, and then at midnight Everwood. I might even get some knitting done. Tomorrow is a day off from work, it's our Remembrance Day. I have already lost one Poppy flower. I will get another one on the way home tonight.

I started to knit the sweater from Melville's book, Colors, from page 188. I had 7 different balls of yarn on the table, most of the time tangled up, although I should know, as an experienced knitter, that you are supposed to make sure the yarns stay in order. HAHAH, if anything ever is in order in my life it would be a miracle.

I had knitted six rows of this pattern, including the hem garter stitches. Then I decided that it would be way easier to make the panels separately and then just sew them together. None of this seven balls of yarn floating around everywhere. I don't remember the trick how to keep them in order. I know how to handle the bobbins easily, but the whole skeins, com'n. Too much trying to be organized. Not my cup of coffee.

You guessed it, I frogged the whole thing, and feel a lot better now. I might even do something else with the yarn. I made too many swatches already for that sweater, I am kind of tired of the pattern now. Maybe I should just invent something and be happy.

I decided, once again, that I will finish the shawl for my sister, and get done with it. Please, let me do it tonight. I need to get rid of the stooopid shawl. If someone EVER wants me to make something with RH Symphony, slap me silly.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Knitting away - but what?

In the picture: Sally Melville's Einstein Coat.

Someone has to tell me to get organized.
After I finished the socks, BOTH of them,
I have not been able to work on one item only.
Oh, well, I made a few paisleys for exchange
program in one of my crochet groups. They
actually are quite nice. I believe I made about
nine of them in a short time. So, does that count?

Coming to work this morning took half longer than
normally. At one point, being frustrated on the heavy
traffic, I decided to be brave and drive on the diamond
lane, like so many others. After all, the police is still
on their whatever. I am waiting patiently for the light
to change, so I can floor it to the next intersection.
Instead, I started feeling guilty, and I turned to a side
street and felt like a good traffic citizen. Sure enough,
after getting back on the main street, there was a police
cruiser with lights flashing. One woman was stopped.
I don't know what she did, but I vaguely recall her being
on the diamond lane in front of me earlier. Not really
sure, but to make myself feel like a good girl I think she
was stopped for being on the diamond lane, and I wasn't,
because I was a good girl.

Are you totally bored yet? My aim is to do just that.

I have nothing intelligent stored for this morning. Ok,
don't say IT!!!

Knitting? I bought Sally Melville's book "Colors". and now
I have a problem deciding if I want to make the pullover from
page 188, orIF I want to make the Einstein Coat from another
book of Melville's.

I still have my sister's shawl to make (third attempt), and it
just doesn't interest me one bit. I am truly fortunate that I
made some Christmas gifts in the summer. If I didn't, I would
be panicking.

That's another thing, Christmas. Can't we put a rule to everyone:
no gifts for anyone else but kids, under 13, actually, these days
10 would be my max. Anyone older than that is not a kid any more.

Well, take a look around you.

Then the families and friends would get together for a meal, and for a good
time, none of this "what did you get? how much was it, where did you
buy it" bulllllss...you know what I mean. But my world does not have
those rules, so I must either buy stuff, or make stuff. I hate it (buying). I don't
personally want to receive anything. Ok, if someone wants to give me
a gift certificate to Michaels or Lewiscraft, or JoAnns (in the state of
New York...I go there sometimes) I will accept that. But, please, do not
give me useless stuff. I want YARN, can't people understand that?
Just because I have one room full of yarn, doesn't mean that I don't need
more. Right? Say yes.

WOW, I got the paisleys posted

Here are some of the paisleys I have made recently. I made more, but isn't this enough for now?