Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Knitting away - but what?

In the picture: Sally Melville's Einstein Coat.

Someone has to tell me to get organized.
After I finished the socks, BOTH of them,
I have not been able to work on one item only.
Oh, well, I made a few paisleys for exchange
program in one of my crochet groups. They
actually are quite nice. I believe I made about
nine of them in a short time. So, does that count?

Coming to work this morning took half longer than
normally. At one point, being frustrated on the heavy
traffic, I decided to be brave and drive on the diamond
lane, like so many others. After all, the police is still
on their whatever. I am waiting patiently for the light
to change, so I can floor it to the next intersection.
Instead, I started feeling guilty, and I turned to a side
street and felt like a good traffic citizen. Sure enough,
after getting back on the main street, there was a police
cruiser with lights flashing. One woman was stopped.
I don't know what she did, but I vaguely recall her being
on the diamond lane in front of me earlier. Not really
sure, but to make myself feel like a good girl I think she
was stopped for being on the diamond lane, and I wasn't,
because I was a good girl.

Are you totally bored yet? My aim is to do just that.

I have nothing intelligent stored for this morning. Ok,
don't say IT!!!

Knitting? I bought Sally Melville's book "Colors". and now
I have a problem deciding if I want to make the pullover from
page 188, orIF I want to make the Einstein Coat from another
book of Melville's.

I still have my sister's shawl to make (third attempt), and it
just doesn't interest me one bit. I am truly fortunate that I
made some Christmas gifts in the summer. If I didn't, I would
be panicking.

That's another thing, Christmas. Can't we put a rule to everyone:
no gifts for anyone else but kids, under 13, actually, these days
10 would be my max. Anyone older than that is not a kid any more.

Well, take a look around you.

Then the families and friends would get together for a meal, and for a good
time, none of this "what did you get? how much was it, where did you
buy it" know what I mean. But my world does not have
those rules, so I must either buy stuff, or make stuff. I hate it (buying). I don't
personally want to receive anything. Ok, if someone wants to give me
a gift certificate to Michaels or Lewiscraft, or JoAnns (in the state of
New York...I go there sometimes) I will accept that. But, please, do not
give me useless stuff. I want YARN, can't people understand that?
Just because I have one room full of yarn, doesn't mean that I don't need
more. Right? Say yes.

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