Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I've been lazy

There is nothing exciting to report.

I am starting new projects every day, and nothing gets finished. My latest is a lacy patterned sock (I don't put socks, because I might only make one). I also, thanks to Sherri, started fiddling with my cro-tat hook. Made a few rings, all separate. I might imagine that they are for something important.

I started a cabbage soup diet on Monday, last week, have lost 10 lbs. I like the diet so much, that I am on my second week, although improvised a little bit. This is supposed to be a "normal" week, in eating, that is, so I decided that playing around with the cabbage soup menu, I will make this week close to "normal". Then nobody can say that "you are not supposed to do two weeks in a row" Well, I'm not...really. For instance, this day would be veggies and soup, I am having veggies, fruits and soup, tomorrow the same.

I am so glad that our Thanksgiving Day is way past, so I don't have to make excuses not to eat something like mashed potatoes on Thursday. I can eat cabbage soup.

What is on my list for Christmas to do? I don't want to think about it. A poncho, a pair (notice: pair) of socks, scarf, and a vest. Poncho is crocheted, all the rest knitted. I have started all but socks and the scarf. The socks are not lacy, they are NORMAL.

Of course I have trillion little things in between to do, you know, like snowflakes, scrumbles, paisleys, and whatnots. I refuse to make washcloths, although that might not be such a bad idea. They are fast to make. Hmmm. I might make one or two, just to make extra packages under the tree. I am so clever.

Have you ever noticed that the more expensive cars don't have the luxury of signals working.

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