Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

It's been a while. I've been busy making Christmas stuff, and nowhere in my stash I could find somtheing to write about. Who wants to know about my UFOs that are never done. Like a scarf for a friend, with a Toronto Maple Leaf logo. I had it charted and planned, but it always came out too big, or too small. I bought the yarn, RH Super Saver (or is it Bernat's?) you know, those big skeins. I now have lots of navy blue and white yarn that I am not going to use for a while.

Let's see, I managed to finish a poncho for Sarah, and socks for hubby (oh, the socks I finished on Boxing Day). I think I finished something else, too, oh, yeah, mittens and a hat for gd.

The scarf was done for the New Year's party that we were going to attend, but didn't. Stupid tummy flu.

Have to go to work tomorrow. The whole building is closed, nobody else is there but us. Nice.

I wish our office was closed, too.

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Stashaholic said...

The socks turned out really nice - I bet DH will have toasty toes! And I love the fringe idea - gonna have to keep that in mind!