Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday Blahs

I am supposed to think what we need from the grocery store.
It's hard to picture my open fridge in front of my eyes, here at work.
All I can see is the spilled beet juice that I forgot to clean last night.
Who in their right mind drops a dish with beets in the juice, without
a lid. It would be bad enough to drop it with the lid, because the lid
probably come out anyway. Nevertheless, there is red juice on the
shelf and I need to imagine what we need, beyond that spill.

There might be an empty peach jam jar somewhere, in the back,
so we'll need that.

Have you noticed that when You check the eggs in the store and they
are all in good shape, by the time you come home, there is at least one

Once again, it's bloooody hot in this office. I have a knitted jacket, with
polyester (whose bright idea is to line a jacket with polyester) lining.
It was somewhat hard to take off, because the sleeves were sticking to
my somewhat damp arms. SHEEEESSSHH. TMI

I am now wearing a 100% wool sweater, which is equally warm, but my
tee is tight, and I really don't need to show off my michelins. Someone
might think that I have loads of money, to buy expensive tires.

oooohkay. I am going, this is starting to sound insane.

I still don't know what we need from the grocery store.

It's 11:44 real time a.m., unlike the blogspot tries to tell otherwise.
I need to know how to put the right time, like I used to be able, when I started
this blogging thing.


Maggie said...

Wednesday's no better. I just can't get myself into my work. I hope you got the groceries you needed. I did the same on Saturday and actually filled my fridge to almost overflowing with "new" groceries (and not leftovers). And DH still found something that I forgot to buy! LOL! Hugs, Maggie

Shelley said...

Hi There - I loved reading your post - it was very entertaining - you write very very well... I am always thrilled when I come across a Canadian Blogger and KNITTER - even better... I am Shelley In Alberta...

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