Sunday, January 15, 2006

Knitting a pullover

First of all, I am ever grateful for my friend, Sherri, she told me about the row-counter clickety thingy. I bought one at Michaels. It's one of the best things I have bought recently for my "tool" box. The thing is sitting on top of my knitting stuff on this picture.
The pattern is from the book "Kids.Kids.Kids" . You can see the picture of the book in Amazon, if you want.
I started the pullover yesterday. I knitted one sleeve three times, because I was too arrogant reading the chart. Sometimes I think I know too much. I skipped the part where it said, follow chart B for the sleeve. I followed chart A. and couldn't understand where the pattern added the stitches. I was missing 12 stitches. Helloooo. Dang. then when I finally realized that I was supposed to be a good girl and FOLLOW the instructions (I have a very hard time doing that, hence I am so good at Free Form knitting and crocheting, AHEM). So, I tried to frog some fancy lace pattern, and ended up frogging the whole thing, twice, and then knitted until 1 am this morning to finish ONE sleeve. I did it. The other sleeve is going well. I have also done some of the body part, and I am very pleased how this pullover looks.

The time now is 1:38 pm, on Sunday, I have knitted a total of 27 rows of the second sleeve.

Any further development on this field will be updated some day.

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Maggie said...

That looks really pretty so far, Pirk. I can't wait to see it finished! Hugs,Maggie