Friday, January 27, 2006

Spider Web

I am building a spider web with my UFOs. I started...what, you have a problem with this?

I really don't know what has possessed me with these starts. Yesterday I started, or was it day before? an Aran cardigan for me. Last night I knitted a few rows, but was busy looking for some yarn for a baby blanket, that I wanted to finish. It was a UFO, or to make me feel better, a WIP. I finished all the yarn I had at home, for that blanket. I wanted to go to the office to get some more. I keep some yarns at work, just in case I want to do something different at lunch time, something other than what I have in my knitting/crocheting bag.

Where was I? I was looking for some yarn last night. I found some WIPs: Desert poncho start with Lion Brand Suede, FreeForm summer top, FreeForm spring top, FreeForm tote bag, FreeForm something, ziplog bags full of scrumbles, ziplog bags full of magic ball material. Oh, and my other eye glasses that I need to keep in my purse, in case the ones I am now wearing fall apart, because they are frameless and kept together with special screws. I already have been twice to get them tightened, because you need a special tool for special screws.

I got distracted there for a second. I found some other stuff, but I don't want to sit here all day listing things that are either UFOs or WIPs. What's the difference? UFO is something that could be frogged, or could bring tears, or is going to be forgotten for ever, for the next or the next generation to think "what the heck is this?". WIP is an item that is sitting on the dining table, or stuck in the tote bag that goes everywhere with you, or is in the round hat box in the corner of the dining room. I work best at the dining table. WIP is also an item that can be taken for trips, or is in the handbag when you go to a party, and the party is unbelievably boring, so you go and sit in the bathroom, on the ledge of the bathtub (not on the toilet, unless the seat is closed, which isn't always the case, because some persons never close the lid. So, that is one WIP, one other could be a small project, that fits in your jacket pocket. Since I don't smoke any more, I still want to go for a five minute break. SOMETIMES I put the small project in my pocket, sit in the car and crochet for five or ten minutes.

The pocket system is a must, because I have to walk by several people in the office, to go out, and I don't need any necessary comments about knitting/crocheting at work time, so I hide my stuff. When I was smoking, it was clearly known that I go for a smoke, I didn't have to hide anything. It wasn't ok to go, but I did it, and nobody stopped me. I stopped on May 1st, 2005.

I still don't know what I was going to say about my projects for today. I have, in my bag, a blanket start, another blanket start, a baby sweater start, an Aran cardigan start, some unfinished paisleys, and unfinished knitted squares for the next knitting meeting.

I think I do some work now. I came early to work this morning.

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