Sunday, January 08, 2006

Parts missing

It's 1:43 a.m. right now. I am not sure what the bloggers's clock is, but it has disappeared. Someone doesn't want me to change the time to my liking. I would love to add a few hours to a day, maybe that is the broblem with the clock here.

I bought 30 skeins of red yarn yesterday (wrong! the other day, it's already Sunday, I bought the dang yarn on Friday). My plan is to go back in time and re-create a red dress. Of course the yarn isn't the same.

I own a knitting machine. Hey, I am not going to knit a dress in a weekend by hand, hellloooo. I am not that good. My whims don't last too long, so I need to make this dress fast, before I lose interest. I already lost interest in making a Chanel type jacket by crocheting it. I had made one of those when I was very young, 15 I would say. What was I thinking at the age of 15, Chanel Jacket. Huh. I must have been insane, or really weird already at that age.

What happened with my red dress making? The Friday night was spent searching for my knitting machine. I started sweating in pain, because I could not find it just like that, where I had left it, umpteen months ago. Well, finally I found it, in between my dresser and hubby's armoire in our bedroom. I swear, I didn't put it there. Yeah, I found the needle bed board. The carriage and yarn holding thingy were missing. Another frantic search, but no luck. I spent the rest of the evening searching for places here that I could easily get the missing parts. Holy shaat, the carriage replacement would cost me half the price of a new machine. I stopped searching there. I slept badly the night, dreaming of a red dress and missing knitting machine carriage and other thingy. Forgive me, I still don't know, yes I do, the other part was the mast.

ok. The dear granddaughter came for visit on Saturday, and I had to get ready for her, like clean the apartment and check that I had stuff for her dinner. Then I got a bright idea to look in the bench chest in the dining room, what the heck was in there. The carriage was sitting on top of everything else. I also found some missing boxes with crochet hooks, and beads and some other important things to do crocheting and knitting. I was way too happy. so happy that I phoned the store, nearby, that carries knitting machine parts. Sure enough, they had the mast and it cost peanuts. Not the kind you eat, but the kind that klickety clacks in the bottom of your purse.

I arrived in the store, got the mast and another part that goes with it, which I didn't remember belonging to this stick. I also bought a clamp that holds the machine to the table, it needs two of them, and I only found one, this morning. So many things missing, but I am determined to get this dress done, if not today (Sunday) then one day this week, or next. I have all the other necessary tools nicely organized in a box, which I know exactly where it is, because I saw it, when looking for the machine. I was smart and put the box in a safe place, just like the machine itself. My definition of a safe place means that NOBODY can find it again.

Ok, now, we are all set. I think I can go to sleep. It's 2 a.m. I have already drawn the design in to my brain. I really have to stop, the spy progam just kicked in, and doesn't like me to do this, it keeps me slowing down. bye for now.

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