Thursday, January 05, 2006

January WIPs

This is the month when I start new projects the most. It will take me all year to finish them all, if they get finished. I still have WIPs from the 90's, so one year all will be done.
Have you ever heard anything so funny before? Finishing all UFOs.

I decided that I felt nostalgic yesterday, therefore I started crocheting a Chanel type jacket. I just have to sort of remember what I did when I made the first one (when I was 15 years old).

The yarn is Bernat's Berella, the afghan yarn. It's easy to use, not expensive and I will not feel bad if I don't finish the jacket, because I can use the yarn for charity squares.

I am also knitting a "magic ball" sweater, and another sweater with browns and oranges. Hubby's vest with llama yarn is not doing well, because I had to start over again, because the work decided to gain weight, and became to a size 50 xxxx, instead of Large. Go figure.

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