Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thomas the Tank

Here is a picture of the back of the knitted chart

I did have fun trying to keep my sanity.

And here is the almost finished other side. I say almost, because the embroidery part has to be done, some loopy stitches to be tightened,
and any eyesores to be hidden.

Oh, and of course I need to finish rest of the sweater, like sleeves and the front.

For the rest of the day it's either starting the other part for this sweater,
or knit some more of the scarf for Special Olympics.

One other choice is to make some hot chocolate, take some Tylenol and
Sucrets, and hope that my sore throat is better tomorrow.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Knitting a little bit

Hahah, I've been doing nothing else but knitting. Starting many new projects. Finishing a few
WIPs. And just knitting something.

I've done two Moebius Cowls, A Birthday Cowl, and two pairs of socks for grandkids.

My latest project is to participate in a scarf program for Special Olympics team members.
Would you believe that it is practically impossible to get Delft Blue Red Heart yarn in my wonderful city. I've called nearly all WalMart stores, Michael Stores, and even some Zellers stores. No luck with finding this blue yarn.

Fortunately I have friends in the USA, and I have yarn coming to my eager fingers. There is
white yarn, yes, and I have started one scarf already with that.

I am not going to talk about my many WIPs, because that would make me anxious, because Christmas is almost here, and I have not finished any of the Christmas gifts I have intended to make.