Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Traffic stuff

By now you should know that I tend to talk about traffic, not lately, but if anything comes up, yes.

Here is one view how to drive in Toronto

and here is a list, too


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Butterfly pattern

There is another pattern for a butterfly here, in Finnish.

I decided to make my own butterfly, so I will not break any copyright rules.

Here it is:
You will need a size 8 steel hook (or size you feel comfortable with size 10 thread),
size 10 crochet thread, any color you like,
sewing needle, to hide ends,
pipe cleaner (black) for antennas

slp st
Ch. 7, join to make a ring
Row 1: in the ring make 3 ch (will be as one dc), 2 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc, 2 ch, until you have 8 3-dc groups, join on the 3rd ch that was done first.

Row 2: slp st to first 2 ch space, make 3 ch, 2 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc,
in the next 2 ch space make 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc,
in the next again 3 dc, 2 ch 3 dc, to the end.
You will now have 8 groups of 3dc/2ch/3dc, join on the third ch of the first 3ch.

Row 3: slp st to first 2-ch space, make 3 ch (as a dc), 4 dc, 1 ch, 5 dc,
in the next 2-ch space make 5 dc, 1 ch, 5 dc,
in the next 2-ch space make 5 tr, 1 ch, 5 tr,
in the next 2-ch space make 5 tr, 1 ch, 5 tr,
in the next 2-ch space make 5 dc, 1 ch, 5 dc, in the next space make 5 dc, 1 ch, 5 dc,
in the next space make 5 tr, 1 ch, 5 tr,
in the next space 5 tr, 1 ch, 5 tr.
You now should have four sets of 5 dc/1ch/5dc and four sets of 5 tr/1ch/5tr. Join on the third ch in the first 3ch stitch.

Row 4: ch 1, sc in the same st, sc in each of the next 5 dc, sc in the 1-ch space, ch 5, slip thread thru the sc in the 1 ch space, to make a 5ch picot.

Continue with 1 sc in each stitch, including the space chain, where you will be making the 5 ch picot. Join in the first sc. Fasten off, hide the ends.

Fold the work so that the tr stitch groups face each other and are on top of the fold, same with the dc group stitches, that now are the bottom part of the wings.

Work the pipe cleaner around the middle of the butterfly, and make antennas. (I am not sure how to explain this, sorry)

Sometimes I just crochet a long chain and wind it around the creature to make the body.

Use your imagination.

Of course there would be many variations for the edging, like crab stitch, three chain loopy edging, picots all over, etc. Just play around, change colors and have fun.

If something isn't clear, let me know, but note this, I am not a technical writer, I just crochet.

In and Out

I have been crocheting so much lately that my forefinger has scratching marks. No, I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.

Still working on that purple vest. I thought it would be done by the weekend of May 20th, but no such luck. I was busy helping hubby and crocheting was minimal. Anyhow, there is another problem: the vest is too tight for me, so now I need to add another row of those minuscule pieces. Fortunately I have extras, since I want to make a bag, too. I have too many bags, and one pattern that isn't finished here yet. I take that one with me every day, to see how I did the top.

I appreciate the patience everyone has regarding the free pattern, it will be done, I promise.

While you are waiting I want to finish the purple vest and my Irish Crochet top, which is getting there rapidly, because I am obsessed with crocheting freeform Irish Crochet. How does that sound?

That reminds me about the "Clones Lace" book that I have mentioned several times before.
So, I could not find it, and I ordered a new one from The price at was almost $150, but com amazon was still selling it for under $20 (US). The delivery was supposed to be around May 2nd. I waited, and then checked, the delivery was now from May 10th to June something. I also checked the listing for the book, and whooops, the price was now from $99.00 (US), mine was still the same under 20.

I got anxious, and ordered a new one from an Irish book store, for $19.99 plus shipping, of course. This store was in N.Y. Everything looked good, so I went and cancelled the order from (idiot), and started waiting for the book from the Irish book store. Two days later my other book, that I had ordered with "Clones Lace" from arrived. Strange!!!

There is no under 20 dollar copies now listed.

On Monday I received an e-mail from someone regarding the Irish Book store, they had joined with someone else, and my order had been cancelled, since there were no copies in stock. Strange.

Lacis still has the book priced at $50.00. I am truly happy that I have found my copy and some other IC books that I had. I have everything now, and I am not going to misplace them ever again.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New IC Book

Some time ago I told you that I could not find my book "Clones Lace"

Well, in desperation I ordered the book from Amazon, and the delivery time was from 4-6 weeks. I finally got tired, and ordered it from an Irish Book store, but have not received it yet.

Two days later, I found my book. Nicely residing in a container with my other Irish Crochet books.

I cancelled my Amazon order, but not the other one.

Today I received the "Irish Crochet Lace" book, which I had ordered from Amazon with "Clones Lace".

I peeked (I am at work) inside the book and got goosebumps. There are so many exciting pictures and patterns that I don't know if I will sleep tonight. I started a rose this morning, and one of the motifs can be worked to what I have started.

How can anyone get excited aobut crocheting and or knitting. Just ask me!

TGIF tomorrow and my first summer hours half Friday. I think I will be crocheting little Irish motifs this weekend. And the icing on the cake is that Monday is a holiday here.

Banking business

I went for my health walk today. My goal was the bank around the corner, because I had some coins to be deposited.
I was standing in the line-up when a bank employee came to ask if I wanted water. I stopped to think for a second, why did she ask that? Did I look sick? Then I hesitantly replied that 'no thank you'. After a few seconds she turned back to me and the gentleman in front of me and told us that there was also coffee and cookies, if we wanted any. I again said 'no thank you', since I was not about to lose my place in the line-up, or didn't want her to start serving me.

She then proceeded to take a blue Frisbee from the counter and gave us a free Frisbee. Wow.
When I was finished with my banking, nosy as I am, I went to look where the coffee was (not that I am a coffeeholic....which I am) and took some cookies for later and a cup of coffee.

I walked back to work with an open coffee cup in my hand, and the coffee was perfect for drinking when I arrived at my desk.

Well, I think I will go to the bank in the afternoon, just to get another coffee. heheh. NOT.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Brad Carlton

or Don Diamont was visiting the Merchants' Market, where my hubby has a small business section. I went to take a peek at Brad or Don. I didn't talk to him or take any pictures or have him sign his picture, like so many others did. I have not watched the show for a few years. Last time I took a peak at the show, he was in love with Sharon but married to Victoria. Boy, does he ever get around, like so many others, too. And, then I looked at some latest news from the soap and found out that Sharon is married to Jack. I must say that I don't miss the show too much. Can't they marry someone else for change?

Brad/Don is much, much better looking in real life than on TV. He even looks much younger, too. I swear he looked like a teenager. He is a good looking chap.

While I was sitting with my hubby I crocheted some paisleys for a paisley exchange group. I need to make 15 paisleys and I have half of them done.

That's all for now.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Beads don't agree with me

I made an amulet bag, design by Melody MacDuffee. The pattern is in her book Crochet Overlay Jewelry.

I truly tried to follow the pattern and managed quite well, until it was time for the beads. First of all, I didn't have the correct beads and not enough, so I needed to improvise. I did my best with what I had on hand.
Here is the result:


Sometimes I wonder how I look like, but cannot imagine. When I see my reflexion in the mirror, I take a step back and ask who is that person. I don't imagine myself looking like that. I am just thinking how a mirror could be so wrong. Same phenomenon happens with cameras. I don't look anything like that in my mind.

Why do I think the way I do? Why do I call myself me? When I die, is there going to be another person thinking of who I am? Looking at herself in the mirror wondering who is that person? Does this new person know this era, or is she in a distant future? Is she going to be worried about the future for her children, if she has any?

Back to me. When I work on a project for a long period, as in three weeks or more, every day, I start staring at it, and get numb. The brain has frozen from over-processing. There is no inspiration left. The work seems to have a purpose for never ending bliss. I feel guilty starting anything new, because I have promised myself to have this project done in no time. The "no time" has developed into an unexplainable and frustrating eternity.

I made the promise to myself, so any excuses are not going to work for me. I cannot tell myself that I have had a busy day at work, I have had a headache so I couldn't work. This is not going to work, even when I stand in front of the mirror and ask the person in front of me "what happened" the person is not going to be kind and forgiving, the person is going to tell me to get back to the project and stop thinking of why we are what we are.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Concert

Our granddaughter was part of her school spring concert. She was very cute, playing with other kids, singing and waving hands, and also playing with her dress, like little girls do.

Most of the pictures came out blurry, because my camera decided to focus on the heads of the people in front of me. Zooming isn't helping in getting sharp pictures, specially when that little girl was moving constantly.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Eye Patches

My boss had eye surgery last week. She's not at work for a week or so.

We are going to send her a goodie basket from the staff.

I crocheted two eye patches for her. One to go with her new turquoise outfit, and the gold one to go with her gold earrings.

2 Years

I stopped smoking two years ago, May 1st. I never had a problem with cravings, I don't have a problem with people who smoke, I don't go around acting anal about smoking. The most important thing for me is that I don't smoke any more, and that's it.

So, what have I been up to lately? Working on the never ending vest. I even thought that I might put some sleeves on it, forgetit. I was sure I was nearly done, when I counted the pieces missing, and I almost cried. Here is a sneak peek for my future vest, all in cotton thread:

Would you believe this: I have done over 360 pieces, and need about 100 more. If you hear me say that I am going to make some little pieces to make another garment, slap me.

I was sure I can finish it in two weeks.