Thursday, May 17, 2007

Banking business

I went for my health walk today. My goal was the bank around the corner, because I had some coins to be deposited.
I was standing in the line-up when a bank employee came to ask if I wanted water. I stopped to think for a second, why did she ask that? Did I look sick? Then I hesitantly replied that 'no thank you'. After a few seconds she turned back to me and the gentleman in front of me and told us that there was also coffee and cookies, if we wanted any. I again said 'no thank you', since I was not about to lose my place in the line-up, or didn't want her to start serving me.

She then proceeded to take a blue Frisbee from the counter and gave us a free Frisbee. Wow.
When I was finished with my banking, nosy as I am, I went to look where the coffee was (not that I am a coffeeholic....which I am) and took some cookies for later and a cup of coffee.

I walked back to work with an open coffee cup in my hand, and the coffee was perfect for drinking when I arrived at my desk.

Well, I think I will go to the bank in the afternoon, just to get another coffee. heheh. NOT.

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