Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In and Out

I have been crocheting so much lately that my forefinger has scratching marks. No, I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.

Still working on that purple vest. I thought it would be done by the weekend of May 20th, but no such luck. I was busy helping hubby and crocheting was minimal. Anyhow, there is another problem: the vest is too tight for me, so now I need to add another row of those minuscule pieces. Fortunately I have extras, since I want to make a bag, too. I have too many bags, and one pattern that isn't finished here yet. I take that one with me every day, to see how I did the top.

I appreciate the patience everyone has regarding the free pattern, it will be done, I promise.

While you are waiting I want to finish the purple vest and my Irish Crochet top, which is getting there rapidly, because I am obsessed with crocheting freeform Irish Crochet. How does that sound?

That reminds me about the "Clones Lace" book that I have mentioned several times before.
So, I could not find it, and I ordered a new one from The price at was almost $150, but com amazon was still selling it for under $20 (US). The delivery was supposed to be around May 2nd. I waited, and then checked, the delivery was now from May 10th to June something. I also checked the listing for the book, and whooops, the price was now from $99.00 (US), mine was still the same under 20.

I got anxious, and ordered a new one from an Irish book store, for $19.99 plus shipping, of course. This store was in N.Y. Everything looked good, so I went and cancelled the order from (idiot), and started waiting for the book from the Irish book store. Two days later my other book, that I had ordered with "Clones Lace" from arrived. Strange!!!

There is no under 20 dollar copies now listed.

On Monday I received an e-mail from someone regarding the Irish Book store, they had joined with someone else, and my order had been cancelled, since there were no copies in stock. Strange.

Lacis still has the book priced at $50.00. I am truly happy that I have found my copy and some other IC books that I had. I have everything now, and I am not going to misplace them ever again.

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