Saturday, May 12, 2007

Brad Carlton

or Don Diamont was visiting the Merchants' Market, where my hubby has a small business section. I went to take a peek at Brad or Don. I didn't talk to him or take any pictures or have him sign his picture, like so many others did. I have not watched the show for a few years. Last time I took a peak at the show, he was in love with Sharon but married to Victoria. Boy, does he ever get around, like so many others, too. And, then I looked at some latest news from the soap and found out that Sharon is married to Jack. I must say that I don't miss the show too much. Can't they marry someone else for change?

Brad/Don is much, much better looking in real life than on TV. He even looks much younger, too. I swear he looked like a teenager. He is a good looking chap.

While I was sitting with my hubby I crocheted some paisleys for a paisley exchange group. I need to make 15 paisleys and I have half of them done.

That's all for now.


Janet said...

I'm not familiar with this actor but he sure is handsome!

Pirk said...

I used to watch Y&R a few years ago, and I think Brad or Don looks younger now that then.