Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wasted a good Saturday

We went to Sears Outlet store. they had a Scratch and Save sale, I got 10% off. I bought a skirt, two sleeveless tops and a dress with a little jacket. None of that is really a good choice to wear at the upcoming wedding. However, I can wear all that stuff to work. Then we went and walked around the rest of the mall area. Hubby found a suit for me, and, wow, it fit me, except the sleeves are too long, but that is nothing new.

Then we went grocery shopping and we bought nothing in the "goodie" section, because I was not feeling well. I took a nap at 2, woke up just before 5. I sat like an idiot all afternoon, feeling sick. We had dinner at 8, and after that I went to "lie down", and woke up at 6 this morning. So much for getting the rest of the squares done for the blanket. So much for getting the jacket almost done. So much wasted time. It's almost 10 this morning, and I have done NADA.

I am eagerly planning to go to Fairview Mall, and just walk around and buy nothing, with the nothing money I have for spending. But I can't stay at home, doing nothing, I much rather spend the time outside somewhere else to do that nothing.

While hubby goes and helps my gf to fix her printer, I might crochet some.

I wish me luck.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Tea Time jacket

I really want to make this one. It's in Magic Crochet December, 1992 issue. It has taken me years to drool over it. I have enough Opera thread in dark brown.
Oh, I don't think this will ever happen.

If it was named "Coffee Time" I would have done it a long time ago.

I am not a tea drinker. But I like this jacket.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Canterbury weekend Retreat

I just love this green!

Some of our crochet and knitting group members spent the weekend in Canterbury Hill.

We did go yarn shopping on Saturday, some of us went to Len's Mill, and some of us went to a yarn store in Ancaster, and after that we got Tim's coffee, of course.

It was raining off and on on Saturday, but we still had a good time crocheting, chatting, learning new tricks, eating and relaxing.

This cat was dying to come in and learn to crochet or knit. She was cute.

And here is the ang:

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pillow talk

I had to come up with a birthday gift. The birthday was in early March, but I haven't seen the person since Christmas, so I sort of didn't worry about it.

Fortunately I had bought some pillows, some time ago, so I crocheted a cover for this not a square pillow. I had to make two squares, that were not too big, but big enough to reach the width. Hmmmm, took some maneuvering, but I did it, and here it is:

Makes me want to make one for myself, but not now, later, much later. I am still working on the jacket, and the next item is the throw for a wedding gift.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mice and IC

don't go together, but then what goes together in my world. NADA.

So, here are the two projects I finished last night and today.

The mice will go to Australia, leaving today. Heard rumors that they don't have any in there, so I needed to help the environment in the OZ world.

You're welcome.

The Mice need stuffing, but it's done after they arrive to their destination. Jacqui is nice enough to do it for me.

I used two paisleys to make one mouse. I had no pattern, and will not write down what I did, because I already forgot. But if there are enough inquiries, I might write something down. Like that's going to happen.

One more thing, I didn't have a model for the mice. I thought that those rodents might look like this:

Monday, April 10, 2006


I just wanted to say, that I have dreams of these bags. This is the same but in another color, closer to my liking. I need to have some unrealistic dreams in my life, other than winning the jackpot in the lotto draw.

Not getting ahead

You would think that after the amount of work I have put on this jacket, it would be done by now.


It would be if it didn't have to be so big. I used to have a teeshirt the size of the sleeve I am making now. or at least close to it. I was a skinny baby, I think.

It would be if I didn't start doing those little Irish Crochet scrumblettes. I spent hours yesterday, and Saturday fiddling with the padding cord and crocheting around it. I am just asking once, why doesn't the instruction tell how long the padding cord is to be? Mine is either wayyy too long or way too short. Oh, it depends what direction my scrumblette is taking. If it is a free form piece, I have enough pc, because I stop when the pc ends. BUT, IF I follow a pattern from my book, "Irish Crochet Technique and Projects" by The Priscilla Publishing Co. then I don't have enough pc. Because I have not found the section where it tells how long it has to be for each project.

Another book that I have is

Maire Treanor, 'Clones Lace: The Story and Patterns of an Irish Crochet', which I need to get out from the shelf, and investigate the techniques.

I realize that I am not even close passing an amateur status, and will be the first one to listen to anyone who has experience in this technique. I was looking at Irish Shuttle's site, and "how it's made" postings, and started feeling really small. I wish it was true in physical feeling, too.

There is also an exhibit of IC, and don't even think that I will start making that type of work.
first of all, I am using size 5 and 10 thread, and maybe some that is thinner than 10, but I will always admire this work that is displayed here. It is a great inspiration for me.

If I get the picture to show up, you will see that my attempts are far from perfect, but I am sure anyone who is doing a perfect work now, started somewhere, as an amateur.

Here are pics of some of the things I made on the weekend. Oh, and the book that I carry with me everywhere, these days. Let's see how long THIS whim is going to last, HAH.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

IC scrumblettes

I am obsessed with Irish Crochet - my way. I will take the cord and crochet around it. Now, usually one should follow a pattern of some sort, for a flower or a leaf or something else that looks like something. Mine twists and turns on a whim, just like me. I like doing this type of IC, because I don't have any experts in my immediate neighbourhood to tell me off.

And furthermore, if I don't show pictures or my pieces to anyone, who is to know, right.

Here is a picture of some of them, I scanned the scrumblettes, so the picture isn't the best, but
do I ever take the best pictures anyway, IMHO.