Saturday, October 29, 2005

Slow time, no?

It's been a while, again, that I haven't been talking to myself. It would be easier to write from my car, because I talk constantly there. when I am alone. I am very nice to other drivers. I tell
them how to drive and ask often where they did their driver's test.

I have been knitting a lot lately. Started an Aran cardigan for the granddaughter. Did about 6 inches, and put it aside to start knitting a scarf for my sister, since I totally screwedup the stole I was crocheting for her. I have no idea who's been messing with my crocheting, but somehow I got a wrong size hook, after weeks of the work sitting in another bag. I made about 5-7 inches with the wrong size hook, and boy, was it ever noticeable. Have you ever tried to frog Symphony yarn (made by RH). Good luck. Fortunately I have lots of it, don't know why, so I started KNITTING the dang shawl I am now so fed up with the shawl/stole, whatever, that I dream of throwing it in the garbage. Who wants to finish it for me. Actually, the knitting one is looking pretty snazzy. I started with 3 sts, add one in the beg. of every row. Make tw rounds with Homespun after 20 rows of Symphony. Nice music. Looks good. I am not going to post a picture here.

My fingers are aching, but I am not whining. I'm not a drinker.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Socks socks

done, if you remember, I had a pattern from "Creative Knitting", this was in September,

anyhoo, the socks are now done.

What else is going on the hooks

While I am knitting, and messing up with the stitches, I have also been crocheting.

I have done a few Paisleys. These are for exchange in one of my crochet group.

They work up nicely and fast. I still want to make one more black and white, for my friend.

These are the ones I have done and sent out already.

I also bought some wool yarn at the Creative Sewing and Needlecraft Festival, last weekend, and plan to make a felted bag. But that is another story for later.

Ok, where are the pictures? going to try later.

Aaaaah, there they are. Took three tries.

Bye for now, gotta go to work

Poncho is coming nicely

Although I had a little mishap there after the 18th row. Me and my pattern reading! Sheesh.

I ignored the line where it said, increase on every even row.

I was happily knitting and reached the 24th row and wondered when in the heck I have to increase for the sides. I kept reading and checking for M1's, but there were none. Only then I noticed the little line about removing the markers, and increasing.

Oh, shooot, I had to increase quickly, was in a hurry, so that I wouldn't lose anything, and increased in the next few rows to cath up.

I am now on the 30th row, and with the correct amount of stitches. Total amount of rows is 185 and 480 stitches. I should have not checked, now I feel totally overwhelmed.

I have never been good at following patterns. Perhaps that is why I have slipped my stitches to freeform.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Now I have done it

I spent a small fortune on yarn to make this poncho:

I just need to pray that I will make it, eventually. So far I've knitted four rows, which is a good
sign considering that I started after 10 pm.

This morning I ran to another WalMart to get more of the darker yarn, since yesterday's WalMart didn't have enough.

I hope I can justify this whim. Well, what can I say? Nada.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The coat is finished

except the sleeves are too long, and I want to put buttons on it. There are no buttonholes, so I guess it's either the frog closing or snaps.
I have been bying yarn left and right. Got some wool for a tote bag, which is going to be felted.
Bought some Lion Suede, to make the poncho that is a new pattern for Lion Brand.

Making socks for Christmas, for some people, and hats, and some other stuff.

Here is a picture of the coat, back and front or front and back.

Ouch! Middle of October

What happened?

Well, first of all, I want to say that I don't know any people who I could use to boost my image. I was just reading a message, in one of my crochet groups, where this one person was boasting how she hangs around with "these people, and they all have some common way of talking" and then se talks to us, and we are supposed to understand what she means.

I must snicker a bit. When someone blasts about something and completely critisizes something, and then someone else, innocently, puts their own opinion, which isn't even remotely close to the critic's opinion, and the the first person has to explain why she said it. Why explain, if that was her honest opinion, why explain? Who cares, if someone doesn't get it. But don't come and explain how important your friends are and what they are, who cares, again, it was YOUR opinion, not theirs. or was it? Did you get together with your important buddies, and their important spouses and laughed at the item you thought nothing of.

ok, this is it, I got it out of my system, and now I can get back to my simple little life. Without any High Society Friends, who are, IMHO no better than anyone else.