Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Now I have done it

I spent a small fortune on yarn to make this poncho:

I just need to pray that I will make it, eventually. So far I've knitted four rows, which is a good
sign considering that I started after 10 pm.

This morning I ran to another WalMart to get more of the darker yarn, since yesterday's WalMart didn't have enough.

I hope I can justify this whim. Well, what can I say? Nada.


Maggie said...

That's ok Pirk. We've all done it at some point or another. I just hope you finish the poncho! LOL Or else you'll have lots of yarn for other projects!

BTW: I love your freeform coat. I think I love this one more than the last one. You are my freeform queen! Swak!

Pirk said...

Thank you Maggie, you make me bluuuushhh.

I have done 28 rows of the poncho. You'll see it in the knitting meeting, if not before, like on the 29th.