Friday, October 21, 2005

Poncho is coming nicely

Although I had a little mishap there after the 18th row. Me and my pattern reading! Sheesh.

I ignored the line where it said, increase on every even row.

I was happily knitting and reached the 24th row and wondered when in the heck I have to increase for the sides. I kept reading and checking for M1's, but there were none. Only then I noticed the little line about removing the markers, and increasing.

Oh, shooot, I had to increase quickly, was in a hurry, so that I wouldn't lose anything, and increased in the next few rows to cath up.

I am now on the 30th row, and with the correct amount of stitches. Total amount of rows is 185 and 480 stitches. I should have not checked, now I feel totally overwhelmed.

I have never been good at following patterns. Perhaps that is why I have slipped my stitches to freeform.

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