Saturday, October 29, 2005

Slow time, no?

It's been a while, again, that I haven't been talking to myself. It would be easier to write from my car, because I talk constantly there. when I am alone. I am very nice to other drivers. I tell
them how to drive and ask often where they did their driver's test.

I have been knitting a lot lately. Started an Aran cardigan for the granddaughter. Did about 6 inches, and put it aside to start knitting a scarf for my sister, since I totally screwedup the stole I was crocheting for her. I have no idea who's been messing with my crocheting, but somehow I got a wrong size hook, after weeks of the work sitting in another bag. I made about 5-7 inches with the wrong size hook, and boy, was it ever noticeable. Have you ever tried to frog Symphony yarn (made by RH). Good luck. Fortunately I have lots of it, don't know why, so I started KNITTING the dang shawl I am now so fed up with the shawl/stole, whatever, that I dream of throwing it in the garbage. Who wants to finish it for me. Actually, the knitting one is looking pretty snazzy. I started with 3 sts, add one in the beg. of every row. Make tw rounds with Homespun after 20 rows of Symphony. Nice music. Looks good. I am not going to post a picture here.

My fingers are aching, but I am not whining. I'm not a drinker.

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