Friday, September 30, 2005

One sock down one more to go

wow, one sock done. It looks very nice.

I still have to investigate the Kitchener stitch a little bit better. I am not too happy how I finished it, but fortunately it doesn't show in the picture. I hid it well, didn't I.

So, Myra, I love the sock. Who is going to do the other one?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pink Thing done

Finally. Ok, it's still missing some decoration and the ribbon in the waist, somewhere, and one snap button in the back, but the crocheting part is done. I also noticed that the bodice tends to stretch more than I would like; it's the stitch and the cotton yarn.

Well, the main thing is that the dress will be ok at the birthday party.

When did I start this one? Must have been in the spring.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Socks and the Pink Thing

The Pink Think was ignored last night. The sock was on the go. I got to the heel and had to finish it. I did, and now I can continue with the PT.

Would she become one?

She went and checked the firemen/women in a mall, on the weekend, and being such a cutie they gave her the helmet. Does she look good or what? (don't comment "what", LOL)

Socks again?

I am in the middle of trying to get the dress for our granddaughter done, by Friday. What did I do today, when I got home? I started knitting a sock. Ignoring the guilt producing looks from the holes of the pink dress. The dress has lots of holes, it's a shell pattern, so there should be holes, and all those holes are full of "the look", what the heck are you doing? FINISH ME FIRST, are you stoooopid, you don't have too much time left. Put that sock away, right now.

Fortunately I had to cook dinner, so I wasn't able to start on the Pink Thing immediately.

The sock? It is in "Creative Knitting" magazine, November 2005 issue. Page 68. The socks on the magazine were made using Lion Brand yarns. Well, do you think that my Michaels would have those yarns...nope. So, I went to Lewiscraft, got Paton's Kroy Socks in Jacquards, Paton's Decor in Aran and Claret. I am loving the combo. I have knitted 20 rows already...sssshhhh, don't tell the Pink Thing.

The picture is of the Lion Brand Yarn made socks.

I promise not to post anything else before I have the PT done.

Friday, September 23, 2005

A Gift

Looki, what I received from my friend Pat. This bag came all the way from Idaho. I love it.
It has all my colors and it is a hand made unique bag made just for me!!!!!

Happy dancing.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Around the neck

I finished the scarf I started knitting, using the idea from Martha's Scarf. Of course, mine is different. I didn't want anybody to think I was copying HER scarf. I have never ever been a fan of Martha's, but I hate to admit that this scarf of hers is very nice. Wondering who designed it originally.
Wonder no more, the designer is Barbara Breiter and here is the link for the original scarf:

My creation has four different yarns, it's knitted also, but the sections don't roll in like in Martha's scarf. Have to check the pattern how it's done. Oh, who cares. mine is loooonngggerrrr. Yah. The shades are more or less green, except the furry yarn which is light brown. In the picture it looks rusty brown, but I couldn't get the right shade to show up.

I think, which is dangerous, but I still like the other scarf better. Maybe I will sit down properly, not watch tv while knitting, and read the pattern. Unlike this creation I made. Well, I have to do SOMETHING when watching a movie. I don't crochet well, when my eyes are on a movie, I can knit whatever, though. So, I was watching a movie, JLo was in it, and she was wearing a yummy poncho. I had seen the pattern in the web, and then of course wanted to see the movie.

The JLO poncho has too many holes to my liking, I am not a holy person. don't worry, I am not going to discuss religion here. Only to say that I do go to church...sometimes, don't ask how often, though.

Yes, the JLO poncho looked good on HER. Then again, I think she is a person that anything looks good on her. I am sure, if I was in that movie wearing THAT poncho, nobody would have posted a pattern in the web. Not that I am really ugly or anything, but I am not famous.
Actually, there was another poncho, someone else wearing, but I've returned the movie already, and not going to spend money just to see the other poncho. It was pretty, I didn't recognize the actress...haha, I was looking at the poncho, not her. DUH.

Back to the scarf. I will give it as a gift to someone, if there are no suitable persons in my family here, then I give it as a gift in my crochet group Christmas Party. We have a no-name gift exchange. I think a KNITTED scarf would be an excellent gift at a CROCHET group party, don'thya think!!!

Oh, well, I am sure my sister would take it, if I sent it to her. Her neck is a bit longer than mine (at least 1 cm) My neck is too short for a scarf. I would look like a pine cone in it. HAHAHAA (I typed that slowly, so you would know how hard I laughed)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

This is what our GD thinks

of gramma NOT needing more yarn.

I like listing things

and now the list of the day:
made a birthday cake for hubby
made green tomato chow chow...four jars
had a two hour nap

What kind of a list is that?

Last night we went for dinner at Casey's. I had Chicken Caesadilla and onion rings. All was good, but could not eat it all. Hubby had fish, and my son and his wife had something, but didn't register, what.
Granddaughter had what ever were in the little plastic containers her parents brought from home.

I have not knitted or crocheted one stitch today, as of now. I am planning to go and see what is on top of the WIP pile. My inspiration is on vacation today, and if it doesn't come any time soon, I will just read my new book. Sounds good to me.

The picture, btw, is of our gd, having a ball last night at the restaurant.

We were supposed to go today either to Kitchener, for the "knitting Frolic", or Niagara Falls, just to spend the day, or go anywhere...not stay at home.

Well, wouldn't you know, hubby couldn't get his computer going. It was almost dead. He sat at his computer, swore and worried, what had happened. I spent my time in the kitchen and wouldn't dare talk to him. I heard a few OMGs and some other expressions, which I refuse type in this blog. You all now what I mean. After a lenghty time, he walked by and had a smile on his face. He had figured out what was wrong! The mother hardrive had gotten loose and didn't connect. How that happened, is beyond comprehension. The computer was working fine last night, and this morning it had had a heart attack. What a morning. Next thing then was the big banging headache for him. I knew by then that we will be spending the day at home.

It has been a wonderful, pleasant day ever since the computer decided to work, and I think everyone needs a day of laziness once in a while. Although, I would have loved to go to that Knitting Frolic.. but who needs more yarn, not me.

the next picture is for that last comment

Friday, September 09, 2005

Not in a good mood

And, I don't think it's going to change to better any time soon. The boss is still here, and it's Friday afternoon, and only threethirty.

I am attaching a picture here, because I feel like it.

I love that little man. My boss bought it from me, for the Tsunami relief. She still has it displayed in her office.

My invisible friend tells me to make another one, just like this one. I might just do that, one of these days.

This little guy's name is, btw, Ahti, the Guardian Spirit of Waters. If that isn't a great name then I don't know what is.

so, why am I in a bad mood? because I feel like it.

I feel like a lot of things. Gotta deal with it.

Where did the week go?

The purple doll has eyes and mouth now. She doesn't look too pleased. She's so vain.

I am sure she is going to complain, and look even more miserable when I give her a hairdo. She doesn't know what's in for her, hahahahha.

Went to our knitting meeting last night. We have a great bunch of knitters and crocheters there.
It's so amazing to see how both of us unite. There are no knitting snobs there, and if there were, they would NOT DARE show it, because most of us are just normal sensible clickers.

I won in the raffle, picked the book "A Good Yarn" by Debbie Macomber. I have read the first two words. Sheesh, I am at work, what do you expect? Do some reading at company time? Not me, only when I take breaks, like right now. since I am not smoking any more, I can take my cigarette break by checking my e-mail and such. No, I don't feel guilty..... back to work.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Purple doll

Here is the alien looking doll. She is going to be looking fantastic when I finish her, tomorrow, maybe tonight.

Little Comfort Bear

Ach, that little bear looks like a little kitten that was just pulled out of a gutter.


I knitted a doll. She has the head, body, limbs, and hanging yarn ends. That's about it. She is sort of funny looking purple colored alien. I will finish her hopefully tonight.

I can't believe myself. I did practically nothing else today. I have so many projects to be finished by the end of the month, and all I did was a bear and a half finished doll.

What's the matter with me?

The little bear

Made a little bear, called Comfort Bear. Got the instructions from Noreen Crone-Findlay's site.

I need to make more, and perhaps attach to some of the ghan squares I am making for the Hurricane Katrina Relief program.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

What's cooking

I forgot to tell you that I made Green Tomato chowchow yesterday.
Guess what hubby is making now! He is making deep fried cauliflower balls. Smells cauliflowerly. First he boiled the cauliflower, then he made something in the frying pan, looked like onions, flour, I added sugar, I'm sure there was salt and pepper also, since he made me taste the dough, and asked if it had enough salt. Next thing he did he added the cauliflower to that mix and mixed them well, now he is making the balls, and frying them in oil. Yummy.

I started knitting a sweater for Valen, and it's so big that it probably fits Valen's mommy. Waiting for her to call me back to give the measurements for both.

That's it for now, if I remember something else, then I write again.

Harborfront visit

So, today we went to the harborfront. Just for fun, it was early, and we figured that it was easy to get parking right in the Harborfront Centre area, and this is what happened.

We walked, watched some old men playing with their remote controllable boats, watched boats on the lake, people walking and blue sky.

We walked by the artists' booths, I even bought a mood ring. The ring has some flowers on it, it's pretty, and stays blue all the time. I am sure it will never be anything else on my finger but blue. The ring was only five bucks, and it was pretty, I had to buy it.

We took a lot of pictures of flowers. We had lunch at one restaurant's patio. And took some more pictures.

I'm not in a mood to write, sorry.

Laborday weekend

Started on Friday afternoon to crochet squares for Katrina Relief programs. I managed to make 9 before Saturday. I had two already made for my crochet group's Warming Families program.

I mailed the squares to Jackie, who is collecting them, assembling them and sending them to someone over somewhere else, who then in turn distributes the blankets to people who needs them. That is a lot of people. How devastating.

I try to be thankful for what I have.

I will be making more squares next week.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

List of things to do

These are WIP items:

1. Stole for my sister
2. Cabled vest for hubby
3. Pink Dress for Ella
4. Scarf/lapghan whichever makes nicer logo for Johnny
5. Poncho for Ella
6. FF Coat for the show
7. FF vest for the show
8. Scrumble for FF group challenge

These are Items to make before Christmas:

1. Sweater for Valen (actually for May, 2006)
2. Shawl for Stefi (actually for April, 2006)
3. Knitted/Crocheted hat for Bill
4. Knitted/Crocheted scarf for Bill
5. Snowflakes for the office gang
6. more to come as I remember what I am supposed to make and to whom

So Far I have made:

1. Shawl for Janet
2. Shawl, which is going to look like poncho, for Sarah
3. Blanket for Ella
4. Poncho for Amy
5. Stole for Mrs. Woooo
6. Socks for me?

I think I have to do something about being so lazy at nights.