Monday, September 12, 2005

Around the neck

I finished the scarf I started knitting, using the idea from Martha's Scarf. Of course, mine is different. I didn't want anybody to think I was copying HER scarf. I have never ever been a fan of Martha's, but I hate to admit that this scarf of hers is very nice. Wondering who designed it originally.
Wonder no more, the designer is Barbara Breiter and here is the link for the original scarf:

My creation has four different yarns, it's knitted also, but the sections don't roll in like in Martha's scarf. Have to check the pattern how it's done. Oh, who cares. mine is loooonngggerrrr. Yah. The shades are more or less green, except the furry yarn which is light brown. In the picture it looks rusty brown, but I couldn't get the right shade to show up.

I think, which is dangerous, but I still like the other scarf better. Maybe I will sit down properly, not watch tv while knitting, and read the pattern. Unlike this creation I made. Well, I have to do SOMETHING when watching a movie. I don't crochet well, when my eyes are on a movie, I can knit whatever, though. So, I was watching a movie, JLo was in it, and she was wearing a yummy poncho. I had seen the pattern in the web, and then of course wanted to see the movie.

The JLO poncho has too many holes to my liking, I am not a holy person. don't worry, I am not going to discuss religion here. Only to say that I do go to church...sometimes, don't ask how often, though.

Yes, the JLO poncho looked good on HER. Then again, I think she is a person that anything looks good on her. I am sure, if I was in that movie wearing THAT poncho, nobody would have posted a pattern in the web. Not that I am really ugly or anything, but I am not famous.
Actually, there was another poncho, someone else wearing, but I've returned the movie already, and not going to spend money just to see the other poncho. It was pretty, I didn't recognize the actress...haha, I was looking at the poncho, not her. DUH.

Back to the scarf. I will give it as a gift to someone, if there are no suitable persons in my family here, then I give it as a gift in my crochet group Christmas Party. We have a no-name gift exchange. I think a KNITTED scarf would be an excellent gift at a CROCHET group party, don'thya think!!!

Oh, well, I am sure my sister would take it, if I sent it to her. Her neck is a bit longer than mine (at least 1 cm) My neck is too short for a scarf. I would look like a pine cone in it. HAHAHAA (I typed that slowly, so you would know how hard I laughed)


lewismartin1438 said...
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Maggie said...

I love the scarf Pirk. It's sooo pretty. Missed you so much on Saturday! I even brought the little lamb/sheep magnet for you! Hugs, Maggie

Closk said...
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