Thursday, September 01, 2005

List of things to do

These are WIP items:

1. Stole for my sister
2. Cabled vest for hubby
3. Pink Dress for Ella
4. Scarf/lapghan whichever makes nicer logo for Johnny
5. Poncho for Ella
6. FF Coat for the show
7. FF vest for the show
8. Scrumble for FF group challenge

These are Items to make before Christmas:

1. Sweater for Valen (actually for May, 2006)
2. Shawl for Stefi (actually for April, 2006)
3. Knitted/Crocheted hat for Bill
4. Knitted/Crocheted scarf for Bill
5. Snowflakes for the office gang
6. more to come as I remember what I am supposed to make and to whom

So Far I have made:

1. Shawl for Janet
2. Shawl, which is going to look like poncho, for Sarah
3. Blanket for Ella
4. Poncho for Amy
5. Stole for Mrs. Woooo
6. Socks for me?

I think I have to do something about being so lazy at nights.

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