Sunday, September 04, 2005

What's cooking

I forgot to tell you that I made Green Tomato chowchow yesterday.
Guess what hubby is making now! He is making deep fried cauliflower balls. Smells cauliflowerly. First he boiled the cauliflower, then he made something in the frying pan, looked like onions, flour, I added sugar, I'm sure there was salt and pepper also, since he made me taste the dough, and asked if it had enough salt. Next thing he did he added the cauliflower to that mix and mixed them well, now he is making the balls, and frying them in oil. Yummy.

I started knitting a sweater for Valen, and it's so big that it probably fits Valen's mommy. Waiting for her to call me back to give the measurements for both.

That's it for now, if I remember something else, then I write again.

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