Saturday, September 10, 2005

I like listing things

and now the list of the day:
made a birthday cake for hubby
made green tomato chow chow...four jars
had a two hour nap

What kind of a list is that?

Last night we went for dinner at Casey's. I had Chicken Caesadilla and onion rings. All was good, but could not eat it all. Hubby had fish, and my son and his wife had something, but didn't register, what.
Granddaughter had what ever were in the little plastic containers her parents brought from home.

I have not knitted or crocheted one stitch today, as of now. I am planning to go and see what is on top of the WIP pile. My inspiration is on vacation today, and if it doesn't come any time soon, I will just read my new book. Sounds good to me.

The picture, btw, is of our gd, having a ball last night at the restaurant.

We were supposed to go today either to Kitchener, for the "knitting Frolic", or Niagara Falls, just to spend the day, or go anywhere...not stay at home.

Well, wouldn't you know, hubby couldn't get his computer going. It was almost dead. He sat at his computer, swore and worried, what had happened. I spent my time in the kitchen and wouldn't dare talk to him. I heard a few OMGs and some other expressions, which I refuse type in this blog. You all now what I mean. After a lenghty time, he walked by and had a smile on his face. He had figured out what was wrong! The mother hardrive had gotten loose and didn't connect. How that happened, is beyond comprehension. The computer was working fine last night, and this morning it had had a heart attack. What a morning. Next thing then was the big banging headache for him. I knew by then that we will be spending the day at home.

It has been a wonderful, pleasant day ever since the computer decided to work, and I think everyone needs a day of laziness once in a while. Although, I would have loved to go to that Knitting Frolic.. but who needs more yarn, not me.

the next picture is for that last comment

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