Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wasted a good Saturday

We went to Sears Outlet store. they had a Scratch and Save sale, I got 10% off. I bought a skirt, two sleeveless tops and a dress with a little jacket. None of that is really a good choice to wear at the upcoming wedding. However, I can wear all that stuff to work. Then we went and walked around the rest of the mall area. Hubby found a suit for me, and, wow, it fit me, except the sleeves are too long, but that is nothing new.

Then we went grocery shopping and we bought nothing in the "goodie" section, because I was not feeling well. I took a nap at 2, woke up just before 5. I sat like an idiot all afternoon, feeling sick. We had dinner at 8, and after that I went to "lie down", and woke up at 6 this morning. So much for getting the rest of the squares done for the blanket. So much for getting the jacket almost done. So much wasted time. It's almost 10 this morning, and I have done NADA.

I am eagerly planning to go to Fairview Mall, and just walk around and buy nothing, with the nothing money I have for spending. But I can't stay at home, doing nothing, I much rather spend the time outside somewhere else to do that nothing.

While hubby goes and helps my gf to fix her printer, I might crochet some.

I wish me luck.

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