Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pillow talk

I had to come up with a birthday gift. The birthday was in early March, but I haven't seen the person since Christmas, so I sort of didn't worry about it.

Fortunately I had bought some pillows, some time ago, so I crocheted a cover for this not a square pillow. I had to make two squares, that were not too big, but big enough to reach the width. Hmmmm, took some maneuvering, but I did it, and here it is:

Makes me want to make one for myself, but not now, later, much later. I am still working on the jacket, and the next item is the throw for a wedding gift.


Maggie said...

Ooooo, your pillow motifs but doubled! Love it!

Stashaholic said...

Very nice sista - I love this pattern and you've shown me yet again how versitile it is! Way to Go!

Pirk said...

Thanks, girls!

Janet said...

Beautiful pillow! I love crochet because it's so versatile.