Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday non-blahs

I've heard rumors that Lewiscraft is in trouble, again. I had ordered some Berella 4" afghan yarn from my Lewiscraft. Mine, yes, I keep them going, LOL, anyhoo, they called that they cannot get the yarn at the moment, and they are very sorry. Me? What is me going to do?
Nothing else than start calling the stores around me, or near me, that's better. Nobody has the color she wants. "DING" the light goes on and this smart person calls the store where she bought
some of the yarn before. It's also Lewiscraft. "Yes, we have Denim Ombre". I have a feeling
I have been the only one who bought it, because they had lots of it.

Lewiscraft at Weston and 401 isn't exactly my idea of a store near me, but I thought I could drive there on Saturday morning and be there when they open and then floor it to get to the crochet group meeting at 11, and somewhere in the back of the car, the food for lunch would
cook by itself.

However, my darling hubby said that he could go on Friday, which, of course is today. Then we found out that the baby that is due in June, is going to be a boy, so I ordered hubby to get ten more skeins of that same yarn. After all, Berella is perfect for blankets, and Denim Ombre is variegated blue. I am all set for my Chanel jacket and am able to make a baby blanket with the remaining yarn.

The joke here is that hubby has told me not to buy more yarn, after he spent a week clearing my stash last spring, while I was lazily spending my time in the hospital after a burst appendix.
He organized, and put my yarns neatly in plastic containers, etc. whatever. So, after that he promised not to see me bring more yarn to our home.

Well, I told him about Lewiscraft dilemma, and he was ok with getting my yarn. When I came home from work, he pointed at two huge plastic bags on the floor, full of Denim Ombre yarn.

It was a nice sight.

I still have to tell the real time, because blogspot people have not read my messages about the time difference with them and me. Where are they anyway? Somewhere where the time is procrastinating and doesn't keep up with me?

It's now 18:02 my time.

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