Thursday, January 26, 2006

Aran Knitting

Yes, I am now totally flipped over Aran patterns.

Like I told you many times already, I am knitting a cardigan for Ella. That's very good.
However, while I was looking for some other WIP (or UFO, if you insist), I found a beautiful
yarn in my stash, it's Sirdar: Wash'n Wear DK Double Crepe, in tweedy creamy color. It's beautiful to knit.

I have a huge collection of books and magazines, and spent a few dear hours looking for a pattern, suitable for the wonderful yarn. Guess, where I found the one I want to make!
In the web.

Here is the link (I am sorry, I have not figured out how to do the link like everyone else does, just write a word, which is highlighted and then you click on it, and voila! The simple word takes you there...It has to be simple, but I am just too lazy to find out, it's easier for me to paste the link, ohkay!)

oh, btw, hubby showed me how to do that "html" thingy. Looks easy.........Not, my programming abilities go way back when we were using business basic. I don't think windows existed for general public then.

General public? Well, let me make a quick comment here: There are so-called "Sunday Drivers". Why aren't they driving only on Sundays, why do they have to drive in the morning, in the rush hour? Just asking.

So, now I have my 44 stitches for both sleeves, a girl has to make sleeves together, otherwise the sweater/cardigan will never be done, by me. I have a problem making sleeves after front and back pieces. BUT, if I make the sleeves first, there is no problem. Funny.

If there is a SSS (single sock syndrome), I insist that there should be USS (UGH SLEEVES - SYNDROME), or some other witty name, just like the SSS, which I love and give a full credit to the person who came up with that expression. YEAH!

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