Thursday, February 02, 2006

One of those days

My favorite subject is to complain about other drivers.
What are those people thinking when they dreamily drive on the
passing lane, under the speed limit? Even the ones who are not
in the passing lane, but going steadily way under the limit, no rush. It's a rush hour FPS.

My thumb still hurts. Today, while doing some dishes at lunch time, I hit it, once again, and boy, did it hurt, and then the stupid thumb started bleeding.

One of my co-workers put a bandage on it, when I had whined a minute or
so. Just to make my suffering a little bit more dramatic, I had to have some
proper attention.

The picture here is a piece called "Winter by the Pond" . I made it for a challenge program in one of the yahoo groups of which I am a member.

I had to have some wintry stuff here. The time now is 15:07

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