Monday, February 06, 2006

Simple thoughts

Doesn't anybody use any simple yarns any more to make simple knits? All I see these days are "exciting" new yarns that cost a small fortune. Or, better yet, they make my skin itch. Some of the more fancy yarns give me hives just staring at them. It is hard life to have a super sensitive skin. No nice wools for me. Makes me cry (NOT). I think very carefully before I buy any of the beautiful new yarns, because they will sit in the box, bag, or plastic container for ever, unused.

It's easier to have wasted money on non-expensive, not so exciting yarn. I can always go and buy the fancy stuff when I have won the jackpot in 6/49 or super 7.

I sometimes look at the nice new yarns, and want to buy. However, when I start thinking for what I would use it, my brain freezes, and there goes the moment, and I then stop at "regular" yarn section, and make my selection for what I truly need.

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