Monday, February 20, 2006

Paisleys in my mind

I did nothing else yesterday, just paisleys.

I have not done one stitch for my Clapotis since Thursday. I am really scared that it's going to be one of my PWIPs, as in UFO. I have it with me today, and perhaps will make a few rows at
lunch. I also have my Knitting Olympics project with me. I must decide which is most important.

The thread for paisleys, though, looks very inviting. How can I decide which WIP is going to
be my lunch hour companion?

Here are some paisleys I made yesterday. Oh, some of them I made before yesterday.
I just remembered that I want to make a sweater for my trip to Montreal. I don't have the yarn with me, but I have turquoise thread with me, I can make a turquoise paisley for the sweater. It's so good to have inspiration from simple yarn or thread.

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