Thursday, February 09, 2006

Clap Clap Clapotis - again

I was off sick yesterday.
I managed to knit a few rows. I also managed to go to the nearby mall to get some
medicine, and my lotto 6/49 tickets.
I switched the ponytail holders to small hair elastic rings, which I bought at Dollarama,
some time ago. They are great, but sometimes tricky, because they don't slide easily on
the needle. Maybe they would slide better on bamboo needles, who knows, but I am not
going to change the circ, unless I find my 3 mm turbo circ. All my circular needles are in two
places=containers, so it's just a matter of getting the needle, but I'm too busy knitting.

There was a nice surprise on my desk, when I came to work this morning. Three packages
of Yarn Bobbins. This means that someone is thinking of me, when they see knitting thingies
while shopping. I have a feeling the person was my boss. She is the only one in this office
who knits, other than I.

In the picture you can see the little hair elastics. I paid one dollar plus tax for trillions of them. I didn't count. I am using yellow ones, because being such tiny rings, the blue and green ones I had before didn't show too well, and I sometimes passed the little ring without proper stitching.

The scarf is processing, I have already dropped one stitch, yohoooo!

I am aiming to get it done for our work trip to Montreal in March. Wish me luck.
And tomorrow I will start the laptop bag!

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