Friday, February 03, 2006

Imagination running with high heel sandals

Versus UFO. Got a new name again, Perpetual WIP, as in PWIP.
I like TWIT better, but then I must think of the origin for those letters.

T would be Timeless (how boring)
W for work, we all know that
I for in, as well known
T ...another T? Do I really have to think about this? Tow
Timeless Work In Tow, wait, in Tote.
It's been a long day, and it's just past six thirty at night.

Went for lunch today, to Swiss Chalet. Unfortunately our groupwas in a hurry to get back to work, and our dahrling waitress wasthe same one another group I was with had about a month ago.

A month ago, after waiting and waiting for our food, one of us got upand went to ask where would our food be.She came to our table and sarcastically blurted:"if you had told methat you were in a rush, I would have come sooner". This was like anout later. HELLOOOO.Then when she brought the food, much later, she apologized, sort of,but spoiled it by saying that the kitchen was very busy and if we hadtold her blah blah blaaah.So, today, our group had her.We tried to tell her from the beginning that we were in a rush.
She was not.
After telling her two million times that we would like to pay, she finallycame with the bills. We were late about 25 minutes. Yup.
If I ever see that waitress nearing my table again, I will leave.
I love the cream of chicken soup at Swiss Chalet.

What's on the needles? I found yarn, I feel funny calling cotton "yarn", what else could it be. This is Patons Grace. I am planning to take part in the Olympic Challenge, but can't make up my mind what I want to make. I want to make a spring top, but knowing myself it's not going to happen, so I might make a laptop tote bag. I saw a pattern somewhere. It might have been in one of my books. It was felted. Really neat.
I am not going to take my laptop to Montreal, but I can put my business papers in it. Yes, I am going to Montreal in March for a business trip, for two days.
I hope I have time to go to a yarn store there, if they are near the hotel. Right in the middle of downtown.
I love Montreal.
I must ask someone who knows what's in there. I am sure I will not have too much time, but if I was lucky then there was a yarn store right beside the hotel.

I need more coffee.


Maggie said...

Oh yes, join the Knitting Olympics! I did!!! I plan on making a winter hat for DH. I know, it's a small project, but considering how slow I knit and that I've never done a project in the round before, I think it's a great step for me! I can't wait to find out what you decide on....

Pirk said...

Hi, Maggie,

I'm going to make a felted laptop.
The fall 2005 Interweave Knitting mag. has the pattern, as well as the book "Alterknits"
I have the book, and the magazine, but can find the dang magazine.

Have to get some more felting yarn before the Olympics.

Pirk said...

sure, felted laptop, LOL,

It's twenty to four in the morning, fps.