Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pre Olympic challenge stuff

I have promised myself to take part on Yarn Harlot's Olympic program. I will make a laptop case.

I made some paisleys first. That was yesterday.

I found the pattern for the laptop case in "Alterknits" book. on page 63, I think. Right after that is a pattern for a PDA case. I believe it's the same as my PalmPilot, if not, no biggie.

Today was the day for the PDA case. I have been sitting on my skinny behind (hey, a girl can lie, can she not?) (I hate to write here "on my fat ass" because then everyone knows that I have a big behind)

Here is a picture of the paisleys I made yesterday, and a picture of the PDA Case before felting.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

I think your palm holder will look great once felted Pirk! And as always, I looooove your paisleys. Hugs, Maggie