Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Continuing saga on Clapotis and other stuff

I decided to make my Clapotis longer than it is now (41"). I am using thinner yarn than the pattern calls. Too bad. I just have to make more rows. I really like my Clapotis.

Last night was not very productive. I made a few paisleys, knitted a few rows, watched Ice Dancing, and that's about it. It was a LAZY night.

Today is a different story. My two tote bags (yes, two) are full of projects, again. I have the Clapotis, I have my Olympic Knitting project, and yarn for a new project (stop shaking your head), plus paisleys and thread for new paisleys.

Guess what, I have no idea how I can work on all those at my lunch time, when I have to eat and play cards with others. I drive them nuts, when I knit or crochet while we play. But, they never have to wait for me, because of my other interest. One person said I was being rude knitting and crocheting while we play. Ok, so I am rude, deal the damn cards, will ya.

The picture, in the corner is showing another new project. It's going to be (hahah) a dragonfly, done in cro-tat technique. I am stuck at that point, and waiting for the designer Ferosa to tell me how to do the other Celtic Knot on this one. I truly am stuck. Man, can you believe it?

I'm sorry, nobody irritated me this morning on the road, so no whining about other drivers available for today.


Stashaholic said...


Hint Hint


Pirk said...

I'll show you how to do this. Bring your hook with you next time.