Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Clapotis continues

Can you believe this: I really started this project, and here it is so far:

The yarn is Bernat Sox, Acrylic and Nylon. The yarn is very soft and it does not give my skin any problem. Thank you for acrylic yarns.

Oh, and there is my coffee and some other stuff, and the markers are ponytail holder thingies. I hate the plastic rings, they are so annoying, for me, that is.

Back to knitting. It's 7:36 pm.

I think I need to post the link for the scarf:



Stashaholic said...

I'm not surprised you started, just surprised it took so long! ROFL

Pirk said...

I don't even remember how long.
I didn't have the right yarn, although I bought this yarn for that and that was a long time ago.

mursuliina said...

tulee hienon näköistä kuviota tuolla langalla :) hyvä, että maailmassa lankaa riittää, löytyy jokaiselle jotain vaikka kaikki eivät villalankoja siedäkään.